The real name of Ben Thomas Chatterton.
Born 5th of June 1995 a girl.
He underwent gender reassignment surgery at the age of ten.
Once upon a time lived a girl called Abigail Chatterton
#names #jodie #emma #jade #emily #kayleigh
by Ben's Momma October 06, 2011
A princess that doesn't act like a princess. A princess that likes to play sports and get dirty but still loves to get her nails done. She is uniquely the same!!
Abigail-hime is an amazing hockey player who's surprisingly never had a concussion and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty but still likes to take care of herself and beautify herself.
#hockey #nails #princess #beauty #tough #concussion
She is the girl who is always searching for herself. The girl who feels beautiful when spreading joy to others, but has difficulty doing so. The girl who may often fear losing her sanity, because she so often comes close to it, but you never know it because she settles quietly to the side of the room. The girl who tends to keep to herself, but if you give her reason to trust her and time to open up, and you treat with respect, then you're in for an amazing experience with a beautiful person. The girl that intimidates you, in some way or another, because of her silent power, so everyone leaves her to be alone. She is highly intuitive and creative, with a vast imagination. She is strong, intelligent, and knows what is beautiful in life.
Abigail seemed innocent at first, but now I realized she is quite cunning.
#cunning #needy #smart #over the top #determined
by sparkles813 June 01, 2015
A beautiful girl with a rockin bod, long ass hair, and some nice teeth
Wow that girl looks like an Abigail with that bod!
#abifail #abigial #your mom #hookah #john wayne
by RCar March 29, 2015
A strong, smart, and independent girl who don't give a damn.
Did you hear that Abigail's the student council president?
#awesome #powerful #independent #intelligent #strong-willed
by Mad Chick May 14, 2015
Abby, an amazing and talented sweetie. She is there for her friends no matter what and her friends are there for her. Make sure you help her spread joy, happiness and laughter ( much like a Chloe ). Many times you'll find a Chloe by her side, a perfect match. Chloe loves Abby and Abby loves Chloe, they help spread joy and laughter and happiness easily. Abby still tries to be friends with everybody she makes time for other friends too. Make sure you don't ditch her or you'll destroy her happiness. Make sure you treat her right and she'll make the perfect friend.
Chloe: Yay!! So excited!!
Hannah: Why are you so ecstatic?
Chloe: Me and Abby are going to a bunch of different movies...!
Hannah: Well that sounds super cool and fun...
Abby: I would love it if you came along, after we're also having a sleepover!!
Hannh: OMGosh I would love to come you're so nice, Abigail, thank you!!
Chloe: Yay!! Hannah's coming too, this will be so much fun!!
#amazing #talented sweetie #spread joy #happiness #laughter #chloe #perfect match #loves #tries #makes time #ditch #destroy #perfect friend
by ChloeCheers July 02, 2015
Hottest girl in the entire universe. Any guy would be lucky to have her as their own. Always laughing and very sarcastic and every guy wants her. Has a nice bod and vry tall.
dammmmn abigail is hot as fuckkkk
#abigail #name #hot #funny #sarcastic
by meeeeeeeeeeeeë September 30, 2015
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