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She is a perfect princess nobody can phase her. Abigail is sus(ignorant) she doesn't give a fuck about you basic as hoes. All she does is the cooking dance she's so based Abigail is based God. She is a badass chola and from Lil B's pack. Abigail is kendrick Lamar's future wife.
abigail is so 3hunna, she's a trap godess.
Friend: " You seen Abigail perfect self doing the cooking dance?"
Other Friend" Yeah she's so based bruh I think she's based God"
by Little69696969 November 30, 2013
14 4
A princess that doesn't act like a princess. A princess that likes to play sports and get dirty but still loves to get her nails done. She is uniquely the same!!
Abigail-hime is an amazing hockey player who's surprisingly never had a concussion and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty but still likes to take care of herself and beautify herself.
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Paul: damn Abigail got a fat booty
by Pottypoop June 17, 2014
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An Abigail is someone who will be friends with you one minute and hate you the next. They sometimes think that the whole world revolves around them. Just try not to do anything wrong or fun with or near them
"Hey Abigail how are you?" "fine thanks well actually I have had a bit of a headache but then I felt better because I went to sleep"
the next day "Hi Abigail how are you" "why are you talking to me everyone knows me i hate people who are fun!"
by Zebra Giraffe hater <3 foreva February 19, 2012
26 76
Abigail-- A special variety of the long-haired flourescent purple Armadillo found on the coasts of Antarctica that enjoys sticking its long tail up its long nose and sunbathing in the snow. It feasts on wood chips and tree hair. It is compatible with the Snow White Wildebeast and takes advantage of the blue mongoose's existence
Look! I think that Abigail just stole the wood chuck's wood chips!
by mongadillo February 20, 2011
44 172
The funniest, most amazing, hottest Ford model in the entire fucking universe who on a daily basis writes "Free Hugs" on their stomach and hugs sexy males and enjoys coning. Can commonly be found screaming at the top of her lungs and/or buying a Cocoa Moca Frape at Starbucks.
"Hey, Abigail's cousin, what is she doing is she always like this? Or is she stoned?"

"No, shes not drunk or stoned. Just a complete individual."
by Abigail's Wonderful Couisin August 16, 2011
22 153
The most ADHD girl you will ever meet. She is loud and crazy. She is really pretty, but stupid at the same time. She can not find a boyfriend either.
Your a dumbass just like Abigail.
by Max and Kylie December 05, 2010
68 280