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An extremely sweet and nice girl. usually short, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality. generally quite pretty.
damn bro did you see that Abigail just pass us in dat car?
by Anon. E. Mous. November 03, 2011
this girl is sweet amazing talented a great singer<3 she stole my heart the first day i met her and still has it, this is a girl that never gets o9f your head a girl you can never leave cus you will sure regret it. she is amzing to talk to , mature and gives great advice:D she may be a lil confusing at times because shes afraid she will be hurt. she is my true love i dont regret leaving anyone for her . she makes my day its like a whole new adventure everyday with her. the longest we stay with out fighting has been 17 hours but fighting just shows we have diffrent views and the fact we still work things out is that we accept our diffrences and are happily together:Dshes soo beutifull her eyes her smiles captivate me<3 i cant help but stare at her every second i can<3 shes my future
i thank God i met Abigail
by march28<3 August 04, 2011
The tall, athletic, shy girl that always seems to be having a good time.
Dang that girl is having such a good time. She must be an Abigail.
by dgunman March 09, 2010
A Best Friend who understand everything about everyone, the most amazing person you'll ever come across, beautiful funny, talented, clever. Gets on with everyone yet chooses to have the weirdest people as best friends because deep down she is a insane crazy child! Secretly has alot of problems that she doesnt want anyone to know but ends up telling some one or another because her best friend knows her too well. She is very strong and would rather see others happy than be happy herself. Happiest when singing or acting and playing the piano. And All Round Amazing Person...
by Freddieee1234 January 05, 2012
a beautiful girl who lovesss partying and going out to da club!!eventho she shouldnt because shes underage.but thats not stopping her!she loves mostly everyone.excpetially her family...sometimes.
~dude!look at that party animal!
~i knowww!she's such an Abigail!
by bottomsupnigga!<3 November 20, 2010
Just amazingly a cute girl. Shy most of the times but once you start to talk with any girl like her, you see a whole other person. Usually nickname Abii. She tends make funny jokes, well... sometimes, every other time those jokes suck. A real special person to be with. Abii sometimes can be bad with time and let her friends down when it comes to hanging out. No matter what. She is a special girl, smart, simple, and cute. Ok... sometimes ... hot.
Where is Abigail? Did you invited her?... Wait what? She said no at the last minute?.... AAAhiii! abii.... well at least she is cute.
by ronal108 April 08, 2011
The real name of Ben Thomas Chatterton.
Born 5th of June 1995 a girl.
He underwent gender reassignment surgery at the age of ten.
Once upon a time lived a girl called Abigail Chatterton
by Ben's Momma October 06, 2011