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A young woman who dresses in a very sexually suggestive manner, exclusively in designer brands such as Abercrombie, American Eagle and Jucy
"man stephanie looks like such an Aberwhore in that top"
by JD Cohen July 25, 2008
a young female aged 11-21 that dresses primarilly in name brands such as abercrombie, american eagle and other preppy 60$ thong companies. they wear victorias secret. dont like to get their hair wet in the pool. and are named names like "Summer" "stephanie" and "nicole"
JD: hey steph u like my new shirt.

Steph: ew. what is that? urban outifitters. Gross

JD: steph ur such an aberwhore
by citysmoker420 January 16, 2009
A young female that only wears abercrombie stuff. Normally bad looking, but they want to look good by wearing abercrombie.
They think they're everything. Which they're not.
Everyone knows that its not a compliment to be a Aberwhore!
Person A : look at camie, shes such a Aberwhore
Person B : look at her showing off in front of all the guys
Person A : horrible!
by Nickisafattass January 24, 2009
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