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Girl whose designer clothes make her better than you. The only thing more important to her than the labels on her clothes are the labels on people.
It's going to be the perfect murder. No marks. Lock that abercrombitch in a thrift store overnight and she'll kill herself by morning.
by Keith Tanner June 20, 2005
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Any self-absorbed teenage (or wanna-be teenage) self-annointed princess who can't leave the house unless she's plastered with designer clothes labels.
Boy: "Man, did you hear about those dolphin massacres in Japan? How messed up."
AB: "Have you seen me in this shirt before?"
Boy: "Yeah. I mean, dolphins are intelligent and docile animals."
AB: "And my jeans? They make me look fly, huh?"
Boy: "Mmm Hmm. But what can we do to help those dolphins. Is Greenpeace involved, do you think?"
AB: "Oh look, there's Madison. Can you believe she's wearing pink AGAIN!"
Boy: (sigh) "You're such an AbercromBitch..."
by Russell H May 09, 2007
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