Stupid suburban dudes, who are overly good looking, overly dumb, and date fuck heads. Great to look at, but damn at least i know what the capital of France is.
Paris is the capital, see i am not an Abercrombie Zombie!
by Blonde at heart November 12, 2003
You know who the real Abercrombie zombies, whores, soldiers are? the ones who bitch and moan about it all the time! You see, Abercrombie doesn't advertise, it survives through word of mouth and its incredibly strategic PR. so while all you emo pop culture hating dumbshits look for a scapgoat for your jealous emotions over your highschool "in crowd" you actually aid A&F as a company by keeping they're name in conversation or even putting it out on the internet! So next time you think you're being really cool or rebelious by bashing Abercrombie i hope you realize that you are just another part of their system, like a gear turning in a machine ironically enabling the commercial entity you despise so much... you are the real drones because you think you are working against it, so just shut the fuck up.
"oh wow those abercrombie zombies are such fags blah blah blah I'm a fucking biggot asshole who selfrightously whines about other peoples clothing choices, im so secretly obsessed with these attractive people that I pretend to hate yet I cant stop talking about them."
by A and F shopper October 16, 2005
wat alot of guys become so they can bang hot chicks.
me and every other person who can waste enough money is or wants to become
by Truth Bringer May 02, 2005
The people who shop at Abercrombie & Fitch do not do so because they want to be popular. They do it because they can afford the clothes, and they like them. If you can afford 20-50 dollars for a shirt, then why would you buy one of less quality and of no name brand at K-Mart?
I do not need an example for Abercrombie Zombie.
by Torrek June 29, 2006
An all black wearing gothic fucking retard who shops at Hot Topic and hates his/her Dad. They really have nothing to do with Abercrombie but they make me glad to work their and plus, they look a lot more like Zombies. Its ironic that two words can rhyme yet, people like to come up with what they think are clever quips such as "Abercrombie Zombie." Here are some others... Gap Crap, Old Gravy, Limited Dimwhitted, Buckle Chuckle, American Beagle, Aero Taro, Pot Topic... I could probly keep going. But fuck it. A&F rules so kiss our ass.
Shit, I wish I could be an Abercrombie Zombie. They are soooo hot.
by J-Lip November 21, 2006
An abercrombie zombie is someone who thinks about abercrombie all the time and wastes there pathetic lives boycotting a great store because secretly they want to be the people who shop at abercrombie and look good in those clothes but they can't. They could never afford the clothes, and so now they are jumping on the "I hate abercrombie" band-waggon. Listen, me and my friends shop at abercrombie and we are not "dumb blondes" We are just normal girls that happen to like the clothes. The other day somebody called me an abercrombie zombie and I couldn't stand it! I had to tell people that not all people that shop at abercrombie are stupid model bimbo's! We have feelings, we just happen to have a great sense of style. So before you write some long comment on here about how much you hate the people who shop at abercrombie, realize they are people just like you who happen to like a certain brand of clothing, and you are the real abercrombie zombie. Plus you're doing wonders for their marketing! abercrombie owes you and your pathetic friends a big thank you! So go put on your all black clothes as a big "screwyou" to the world. Really you are just another jealous "abercrombie zombie". Thanks guys! You are just making it cooler to shop there, I mean probably a lot of people want to shop there because they don't want to be associated with you!
abercrombie zombie: I hate the people that shop at abercrombie! They think they are so cool, when really they are just air heads. But instead of ignoring them and not shopping there, I'm going to think about them all the time!

abercrombie shopper:I am happy with my life! I have some great clothes, friends, and a great life! I am comfortable with who I am.
by Abercrombie shopper July 10, 2006

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