A person who buys their clothes at Abercrombie & Fitch. As opposed to someone who buys their clothes at Gap, Hot Topic, Old Navy, Sears, or the Salvation Army. Apparently, the simple fact of where they shop determines their intelligence level. Who knew?
"While we're at the mall, I need to head to Abercrombie & Fitch for a second."
"You Abercrombie Zombie! I didn't realize you were a stupid frat-boy who wants to look like everyone else."
"Actually, I just need to pick up a pair of jeans. It won't take long. You can wait outside."
by Emily December 18, 2005
Top Definition
One of the many (millions) of clones and mindless copies of one another who can't think for themselves, so they shop at Abercrombie & Fitch in order to try and give meaning to their empty lives. What they need is to be able to make their own decisions, based on what they really like and need, not what they think that people will like them for.
Abercrombie Zombies should be destroyed.
by Kris April 24, 2003
Anyone who purchases a pair of pre-ripped jeans has a serious social problem. Anyone who refuses to cut through the clothing section in wal-mart to reach the food aisles in fear of being spotted and wrongly accused of shopping for clothes at wal-mart (anyone who regularly wears abercrombie shit rags) has a very serious social disorder. Get in school, learn to play an instrument, pick up a sport... do anything besides waste your time trying to fit in with the other assholes. NO, not everyone who wears abercrombie is a peice of shit... just about 90% of them.

There are two reasons to not shop at abercrombie:

1. You look like all the other frat assholes.
2. It's retarded to spend money on that shit that isnt worth it.

abercrombie zombie is a retarded word to describe people who wear that shit
by track000 February 01, 2007
Somebody who pays a lot of money for clothes that are worn, ripped, have holes, and paint splatter on them. I have clothes like this too, but I don't need to pay for jeans that make it look like I have a physically demanding job, I earned my marks.

I also enjoy the new anorexic...er...athletic fit that they now have. Nothing says style and fashion, like 'Hey look at me, I stick my finger down my throat, so I don't get over 70 pounds.
The Abercrombie Zombie used to shop at Hollister because they were surfer wanna-be's. Soon they will shop at Ruehl because their Dad just gave them a job in the office filing, and other hard tasks, because they flunked out of State.
by deweylongboarder October 21, 2007
A person that only wears Abercrombie, is annoying and is a slut
"Jeez, Brenily, you're such an Abercrombie-Zombie!" I told her as she stood glaring at me in her ultra-ultra short-short mini abercrombie skirt.
by Julie Schmoolie February 25, 2008
Someone who shops at Abercrombie & Fitch or one of its clone stores. While this doesn't apply to all who shop there, those that style themselves in this way (preppy) tend to be empty-headed and too obsessed about their image. Known for wild generalizations about boys or rabid following of surfer-looking guys. These people (some gay or metrosexual boys are Abercrombie Zombies) are often known for harassing hapless Europeans and giggling over every blink of a moderately attractive male.
Lena, Emily, Suzie and Gretchen are all trying to get photos with that frightened-looking dutch guy. they must be Abercrombie Zombies

Brenda is wearing ripped, paint-splattered jeans that she bought for $69. She is an Abercrombie Zombie
by scratchmaster101 November 11, 2011
here is my opinion of aberzombies,im not saying that the clothes suck. im saying that the people that wear them are the sheep of society that cant think for themselves. they act like the dicks they could never be in real life,to people who actually live. I, may dress mor elike a zombie but at least i dont treat worthless douchebags like shit (to their face anyways) honestly the clothes are over priced and go to the government to make sure pot's still illegal and the republicans can still control you. Dont be asshole naive idiots. Fight the Submission. because all you are is a staple to society. you are nothing. you will be nothing. you will become either a doctor or teacher and bitch and over all fuck us over even more. abercrombie is a stupid brainwashing store with nothing better to do but be racist and steal your cash,and style....
"i wish everyone was an abercrombie zombie...."

"yeah its depressing to see what our world has become"
by a rather smart person February 05, 2010
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