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Usually a girl's name;
Very friendly creative person; talented artist for their age.
Very fond of comedy and laughing, though knowing when to be serious and address matters in a responsible way; someone who can always put a smile on your face in the darkest of times.
This girl uses very strange but comedic adjectives that always stifle a giggle, even out of the lamest person.
"Ha ha, Abena, you are so funny."

"That was such an Abena move."
by Erm...Hate? March 04, 2009
A beautiful,intelligent and stunning west African girl born on a Tuesday.They are known to have very distinct attractive physical features and are mostly models or work in the entertainment and fashion industries. They tend to attract people born on a Sunday.
My goodness, this girl truly looks like an Abena. She is flawless
by Mr Bonafied February 03, 2013
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