Just before you're about to go down on a girl with a hairy bush, you squirt some krazy glue on your chin, and quickly go to town. Her hair will instantly become bonded to your chin. When her pubes are sufficiently adhered, you yank your face up quickly thus yanking most of the pubic hair out of her mount. You are now covered with an Abe Lincoln type beard.
This is actually a "partial" abe lincoln. See full abe lincoln for more details.
Dude, I gave that beeotch an abe lincoln, and now she wants to charge me with assault!! whats up with that!?!
by Joe Swift May 22, 2007
What your opinion is worth.
Person offering advice or no use.

From the red cent, good only for prices of $XXXX.99
"Thanks for the 411 Abe (Lincoln)."
by McGyver March 02, 2005
Gipping on ones face with pube attachments!
I've gipped on Garners face. Check out his gay 'Abe Lincoln' goatee!!!
by kenty boy February 26, 2005
U guys have got it all wrong...an abe lincoln is when you are doing a girl from behind and you're about to jiz...so you spit on her back and cut your pubes and stick them in your hand...then you take out your penis and when she turns around squirt it in her face and throw the pubes on and viola she looks like abe lincoln
y0 i pulled the old abe lincoln and dirty sanchez in the same night bro...i don't think i'm gonna get to spank her anymore.
by unbri August 22, 2006
Inventer of the lincoln logs :)
Little wooden logs ...... yaaaaaaa
by Big K Lovin ... Word January 12, 2005
U.S. president that American history teacher,Mr. Browne, is obsessed with.
Mr. browne has a life size cardboard cut out of old abe at home.
by anonymous March 04, 2005
After getting a girl really wet from fingering her, you rip out her pubes and use her juices as a paste while attaching them to her chin.
by ween October 22, 2003

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