getting sucked off by your girlfriend then cumming on her face and throwing your pubes on the jiz and and raise ur fist up and scream abe lincoln
salley got an abe lincoln
by blinkfreak February 10, 2005
an Abe Lincoln is when ur about to ejaculate and u proceed to make ur release all over her face where a beard like Abe Lincoln's would go and then u shave off ur pubes and let them fall on her face creating a beard.

note: in this day and age females shouldn't have enough pubic hair to create the beard for an Abe Lincoln, and if they like the look of pubic hair or something they should be wearing a merkin
My girlfriend got a job in the circus after i gave her an Abe Lincoln.
by Binch Merkin April 08, 2004
Slang for any kind of sports drink, but Gatorade brand in particular.
"Pass me some of that abe lincoln, I need to emancipate my thirst."
by Frisco Pete October 05, 2007
When you are getting head and are about to bust, have one of your boys come in and simultaniously blast a wad on the back of her neck. She will think that the nut blew through the back of her head. Just like Abe in the theatre.
Perfected at West Virginia University...
Beverly Avenue
by Choach Hyena March 23, 2005
That U.S. President that started the very first version of the IRS,freed the slaves,started the civil war,and jumped out of a window with his dick in his hand.
Abraham Lincoln was a good old man.
by the tweaker February 16, 2004
you are getting a girl in the ass and you donkey punch her then knock her out...cum on her face and shave off her pubes and stick them in the cum
that was a great abe lincoln i just gave that hoe
by joe horwitz July 07, 2003
When you donkey punch a girl and knock her out and you jiz all over her face, cut her pubes, and paste them on her face..and shit on her head.
i gave that girl an abe lincoln last night.
by guloof December 11, 2003

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