1/4 Devil's Springs Vodka
1/4 Bacardi 151 Rum
1/2 Vanilla Coke (Regular cola is okay in a pinch)

The amount of rum and vodka should increase after every subsequent Abe. He/she should make it through four increasing strength Abes but he/she should be gone by the fifth. The fifth Abe should be barely brown/black and contain enough over-proof liqueur to kill a horse.
That dick-head only made it through three terms of Abe Lincoln. Pussy!!!
by perfect cruelty July 13, 2009
While fucking a girl in the ass, take your shit covered dick out and wipe her shitty poo poo where, if she was abe lincoln, her side burns and beard would be. much like a Dirty Sanchez.

Then bend her back over, and once you are about to come, pull out and shoot her in the back of the head.
I finished that bitch off with an Abe Lincoln, just how the poor guy died in that theater.
by SpicyPMS October 12, 2009
When you cut off your pubes, keep them in your hand while fucking. Then you pull out, jizz in the hand with the hair and rub it all over her face to make it look like she has a big burly beard!
Oh fuck so you came in a hand full of pubes and rubbed it all over her face. Yup she looks like Abe Lincoln
by DAHEADBAGR November 08, 2008
An Abe Lincoln is when someone goes into the bathroom and pees on their hand, then proceeds to exit the bathroom and shake someone elses hand.
Person 1: Hey bro, gimme some skin.
( Person 1 and Person 2 do complicated secret hand shake).
Person 2: Ewww, why is your hand all wet?
by Richeous Pterodactyl August 15, 2012
While having sex with a woman in the rear entry position, the sexual act of withdrawling the penis immediately prior to orgasm and ejaculating with enough range to "shoot" her in the back of the head.
My girlfriend was pissed because she had to wash her hair again after I gave her an "Abe Lincoln."
by J&N'SBUDDY April 29, 2007
this one requires a little preparation. you shave your own pubes. then ya save them. at the point of load blowage you goo on the girlies face and quickly throw your pubes. BAM-- good ol' abe lincoln.
after that abe lincoln i was choking on short and curlies for DAYS!!!!!
by bean flicker July 21, 2006
getting sucked off by your girlfriend then cumming on her face and throwing your pubes on the jiz and and raise ur fist up and scream abe lincoln
salley got an abe lincoln
by blinkfreak February 10, 2005
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