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An Abe Lincoln is when someone goes into the bathroom and pees on their hand, then proceeds to exit the bathroom and shake someone elses hand.
Person 1: Hey bro, gimme some skin.
( Person 1 and Person 2 do complicated secret hand shake).
Person 2: Ewww, why is your hand all wet?
by Richeous Pterodactyl August 15, 2012
8 11
When you take a dump on top of someone's head so massive that it resembles a top hat.
"Hey dude, you see that white bitch over there?"
"I'm gonna go give her an Abe Lincoln!"
..."wait, isn't that Hilary Clinton?"
"Duh, I want to make her feel more like a president"
..."dude, you rock my world"
by Milfy :) January 21, 2012
0 3
V. When one uses their beard in fore-play, in which to tickle the genitalia, top hat optional.
Man, I gave my chick an Abe Lincoln last night...and she is no longer a racist.
by Dread_head08 November 04, 2010
1 4
previous definitions but to a black girl and when your done you say "your free to go"
I came on a black girls face, threw my pubes on it to look like abe lincoln and said 'your free to go'
by wickadhawd July 01, 2010
1 4
When someone shaves off their pubic hair and superglues them to another person's face.
Craig passed out, let's give him an Abe Lincoln!
by Bounce.Nerd November 10, 2009
3 6
1) When an unconscious person gets their face skeeted on, then their pubes trimmed and stuck to their face to form a beard, then adorned with a top hat.

2) He freed the negros.

3) A wrestler who became the sixteeth president of the United States. It's a job, right?

4) When a partner, during intercourse, shits logs of feces onto their partner's face, building a cabin.
"Nick was the first to pass out at the Delta Gama frat party. They dropped their pants, then Abe Lincoln'd him for being a pussy."
"Abe Lincoln freed the niggers"
"I'm going to Abe Lincoln my way to the White House."
"Billy wouldn't fuck me tonight. I got the blue balls so bad that I Abe Lincoln'd a shit cabin on his mouth while he slept."

"Patty wouldn't give me oral last night after her dentist appointment, so she gave me an Abe Lincoln instead."
by Mejosh March 23, 2009
5 8
While fucking a girl in the ass, take your shit covered dick out and wipe her shitty poo poo where, if she was abe lincoln, her side burns and beard would be. much like a Dirty Sanchez.

Then bend her back over, and once you are about to come, pull out and shoot her in the back of the head.
I finished that bitch off with an Abe Lincoln, just how the poor guy died in that theater.
by SpicyPMS October 12, 2009
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