when your divin on a girl with a hairy bush and you look up at her and say "four score and seven years ago"
try it! she'll laugh her ass off
by momucka August 15, 2005
When you take a dump on top of someone's head so massive that it resembles a top hat.
"Hey dude, you see that white bitch over there?"
"I'm gonna go give her an Abe Lincoln!"
..."wait, isn't that Hilary Clinton?"
"Duh, I want to make her feel more like a president"
..."dude, you rock my world"
by Milfy :) January 21, 2012
a combination of a donkey punch to the cerebrial brainstem, a cherry danish resembling a the Wilkes Booth move, and then then shave the pubes of the giver and apply them to the come soaked area on her face resembling a 60's (1860's) beard.
After realizing that she had slept her way throught the civil period of her AP US history course, Teela agreed to exchange an Abe Lincoln from her teacher for a passing grade.
by herstw to the jgray February 18, 2011
come on guys, the sex act definitions are just wrong and disgusting. all of you people who defined them are sexist mysogynists who I hope will never get a girl on whom they could try this technique.

anyways, honest abe was quite possibly the greatest president the us has ever had. he freed the slaves, united the country, and lived in a log cabin.
abe lincoln was an awesome president.
by gwb sucks October 07, 2006
When a group of guys put their hard dicks together, forming a structure that resembles a Lincoln Log cabin.
"Yo that was killer Abe Lincoln we built last night bro"
"Yeah, I can't believe we involved all the guys"
"No homo though"
"No homo"
by Horse Brutality October 08, 2014
V. When one uses their beard in fore-play, in which to tickle the genitalia, top hat optional.
Man, I gave my chick an Abe Lincoln last night...and she is no longer a racist.
by Dread_head08 November 04, 2010
previous definitions but to a black girl and when your done you say "your free to go"
I came on a black girls face, threw my pubes on it to look like abe lincoln and said 'your free to go'
by wickadhawd July 01, 2010
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