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Similar to and typically following it's predecessor the "Abe Lincoln;" this manuever is pulled off by adding the all-too popular "CLeveland Steamer" applied to the chin. Thus creating a makeshift adhesive "log" that any stragglers can stick to, creating a muddy beard.
To pull off the true beard style "NuttyMuddy Abe Lincoln Log" : Eat an adequate portion of crushed walnuts, peanuts, pinenuts, almonds, acorns or any variation thereof. At time of Cleveland Steam application,log should be a nice NuttyMuddy consistency
"My girlfriend didn't wax often onough. So, to teach her a lesson, I donkey-punched the bitch, shaved that shit, crapped and jacked off on her chin. Then, I shaved her snatch, spread her pubes on the cumlog. She had THE Abe Lincoln Log."
by 9100' High July 14, 2006
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