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1.To form a sentence which makes no sense and is essentially just random words stung together.

2.To talk shit.

(This word is influenced and originates from American Idol judge/Dancer/"Singer"/80's Icon Paula Abdul and he inability to speak correctly)
You just Abduled

She's presently Abdulling

Can you please Abdul so I can show a reasonable example of what Abdulling is.
by ByePolar May 08, 2008
36 100
geek who buys too many expensive things and does not understand how to use them; mainly sports equipment.Also is very confused about the human anatomy. Often confuses elbow with shoulder.Does not like human contact. Will often tell other human,sometimes inanimate objects to get out of view.
Mannn..what an abdul.
by S R K November 11, 2006
58 130