(noun) An amazing chick with awesometastic taste in music, an amazing personality, and who is basically insane. Extremely pretty, with blond hair and blue eyes. Is tall and looks gorgeous all of the time. Sweet, nice, insane, fantastic, reliable, forgetful (but we still love her), and just an all around amazing person. Enjoys hanging out with friends and listening to music. Loves dinosaurs and Invader Zim. Enjoys playing with fire. Lives in the southern regions of California. Is a very much loved species.
____: Oh my gosh i just got back from hanging out with an Abby!
------: Really? That's so awesome! Abby's are so sweet and awesome. I love Abby!
____: Oh, i know. Abby is FANTASTIC<3
by Shh...it's a secret x] April 18, 2010
a short, blonde, fish smelling, fat, with glasses and usually tall chestnut uggs, that had to be returned, that lives usually in Pennsylvania.
eww, its abby?!
by KLOREH123456 November 09, 2011
a somewhat abbreviation for "abnormal" meaning, odd or bizarre.
Whoah, the way she was acting was abby.
by XDD j3nny March 11, 2008
Abby: Usually a bitch and very deceptive acts nice to her friend but ruins other peoples reputations usaully has freckles and is very popular. Loves to hog attention
Girl1: I got framed for something
Girl2:Im guessing an Abby
Girl1: Ya
by cheerqueen5566 August 10, 2011
A girl usually with long blond hair. (that hasn't been cut in a year) You will usually see her on the volleyball court or surfing. She has 6 best friends and is attracted to blacks. She prefers black men but a white boy will do.
DAMN that *ABBY* is hella fine:)

said by black man
by I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM November 18, 2010
A person who can be confusing. Someone you think is sweet and innocent but is really a complete bitch. They cheat on boyfriends and fuck people over.
She is confusing me in a bitchy way....what a Abby.
by yourrr hairy vagina April 19, 2010
blonde usually fun to be with(unless she hates you) has school smarts but not common sense also is very sweet
abby is the sweetest girl ever!
by Abby Sheeran January 21, 2009

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