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The sincere and wholesome act of making a promise you never intend to keep even if you don’t realize it at the time.

From ‘abstinence pledges’ where creepy dads make their 8yo daughters swear in church that they will keep their virginity as a present for a future husband.
You: “Dude I promised grandma I would go and see her at the home for her birthday but then I spaced while playing Halo”

Friend: “You’re an ass”

You: “It was a total Abby, I swear”
by acme66 September 20, 2007
106 308
Meaning to "finger" a girl using your two index fingers and two thumbs, pressed together to form a little triangle in the middle of them.
Dude I did an Abby on Briane last night!
by Christin2608 February 04, 2009
73 282
1. fat
2. cunt
3. gossip
4. know-it-all
5. resembles Rosanne Barr
6. assholecuntsuckingbitchfacedskank
7. hot chicken hot chicken what combo you pickin?
8. donuts
that fat cunt is such an abby, I want to slit my wrists because of her.
by flabtits February 24, 2010
72 314
A Women/Man..undecided yet...
Abby is defined as a character.beast that like to remove all her clothes whilst at the swimming pool therefore showing her womenly area.She is also very attracted to the male species whom she loves attention off.She alwayz has "favours" for special males.She has many children from whom she enjoys watching an staring at thru windows.Also, she likes to enjoy time on myspace thereby calling her a "myspace whore". Due t her loneliness she sleeps with male teddies which keep her company.Also, her loneliness leads to an increase of sexual fantasties and fetish, which she enjoys bondages sessions with random men
by sabrinaaa May 28, 2008
110 354
Super hot girl that goes to SBL and is the girlfriend of a Mr. Paxton. She is a freshman and has blonde hair and loves to get naked for anyone who gives her money.
Dude 1: Dude did Abby strip for you
Dude 2: Yea shes such a hot skank
by Whatshisfaceiforget October 20, 2008
33 281
a girl with an outragiously long cock, sometimes makes a name for thier schlong derived from the bible (lucifer for example), often attracted to tylers.
Girl 1: What just hit my leg?

Girl 2: Oh sorry that was just lucifer (abby).
by mkaetrtsheeyw January 29, 2009
72 331
is basically a backstabber and assumes people do stuff but they dont actually do it...oh and this person also smells like b.o. all the time no matter how many time he/she showers
an "abby" is also completely brainless, self-centered, stuck-up, and spoiled...and pigish
i walked by someone today and they accused me of kicking her dog...what an abby!!

i know pigs that smell better than abby
by milk man2 March 17, 2007
87 372