a somewhat abbreviation for "abnormal" meaning, odd or bizarre.
Whoah, the way she was acting was abby.
by XDD j3nny March 11, 2008
A girl usually with long blond hair. (that hasn't been cut in a year) You will usually see her on the volleyball court or surfing. She has 6 best friends and is attracted to blacks. She prefers black men but a white boy will do.
DAMN that *ABBY* is hella fine:)

said by black man
by I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM November 18, 2010
A person who can be confusing. Someone you think is sweet and innocent but is really a complete bitch. They cheat on boyfriends and fuck people over.
She is confusing me in a bitchy way....what a Abby.
by yourrr hairy vagina April 19, 2010
blonde usually fun to be with(unless she hates you) has school smarts but not common sense also is very sweet
abby is the sweetest girl ever!
by Abby Sheeran January 21, 2009
an adjective denoting an extremly prolonged period of time, generally spent doing a tedious endavour.
Its going to be a really abby night.
by SKG April 12, 2007
The sincere and wholesome act of making a promise you never intend to keep even if you don’t realize it at the time.

From ‘abstinence pledges’ where creepy dads make their 8yo daughters swear in church that they will keep their virginity as a present for a future husband.
You: “Dude I promised grandma I would go and see her at the home for her birthday but then I spaced while playing Halo”

Friend: “You’re an ass”

You: “It was a total Abby, I swear”
by acme66 September 20, 2007
Meaning to "finger" a girl using your two index fingers and two thumbs, pressed together to form a little triangle in the middle of them.
Dude I did an Abby on Briane last night!
by Christin2608 February 04, 2009

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