Abbie is beautiful. spontaneous. her eyes are a mix of blue and green, the most beautiful pair of eyes to look into. she could light up the whole room with her smile. if looks could kill, Abbie would be a murder she's that beautiful.
"i live for you, i long for you, abbie"
by litliv290 April 05, 2016
An amazing girl that EVERYONE should love. She is random, shy, intelligent, sensitive, dirty-minded, caring, kind, and beautiful. She jokes quite a bit and she is an amazing sister. If someone hates her they are out of their mind. It might not be much but I hope it's enough. I LOVE YOU ABBIE!
"Abbie loves hunger games too much"

"Abbie and Conner have an obsession with their music"
by MusicIsLove MusicIsLife June 27, 2016
Abbie is a girl who is usually kind a lot. She has blond hair and is short, but not too short. She falls for guys usually named trystan. And is friends with Carson but she's so popular and very pretty everyone likes an Abbie unless there jealous of her. Her and Carson are usually really good friends we all love Abbie
Woah! Look at that Abbie over there with Trystan!
by Anawesomegirlohyeah April 13, 2013
A snide cow. Who often chats shit about others including supposed best mates! Pure nasty, complete bullshitter, annoying, self obsorbed.
Randomers- 'who's that?'
Knowing person- 'that's abbie she's a bitch'
by Lolsypops February 15, 2015
obvious difference in length, shape, size, strength etc.
Joseph: "your legs are abbie"
Maria: "youre right Joe, ive got a 2cm leg length discrepancy"
by aflapsX August 14, 2011
Abbie's are generally nice. Semi-introverted, optimistic pessimists, hard-core. Like to talk about, but not limited to: Dinosaurs, Nymphos, Old Kitchen Cabinets, Jesus, The Outback Steakhouse, R.E.M.
Friend A: Abbie is a bitch to her mom.
Friend B: Sorta...but, she's generally nice!
by lippohippo December 31, 2010
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