Abbie is a girl who is usually kind a lot. She has blond hair and is short, but not too short. She falls for guys usually named trystan. And is friends with Carson but she's so popular and very pretty everyone likes an Abbie unless there jealous of her. Her and Carson are usually really good friends we all love Abbie
Woah! Look at that Abbie over there with Trystan!
by Anawesomegirlohyeah April 13, 2013
A snide cow. Who often chats shit about others including supposed best mates! Pure nasty, complete bullshitter, annoying, self obsorbed.
Randomers- 'who's that?'
Knowing person- 'that's abbie she's a bitch'
by Lolsypops February 15, 2015
A complete a total ditz. A dumb Blonde through and through.
Wow, Abbie is so dumb.
by EnglishStudent11200051 May 27, 2013
obvious difference in length, shape, size, strength etc.
Joseph: "your legs are abbie"
Maria: "youre right Joe, ive got a 2cm leg length discrepancy"
by aflapsX August 14, 2011
A bitch who is nothing like a friend. She'll do the most outrageous meanest things to you, then become friends with you again. She is very mean to other people just because she doesn't like them. She does very annoying things with her body and the way she talks. Fights often with her friends and then becomes best friends again. Hates a lot of people and is always saying she's going to beat someone's ass. Usually has blonde hair and is a lot taller than most people. Always get's the cute guy's but never stays with them for long. Dumps them then still likes them. You can never be true friends with an Abbie.
No example for Abbie
by that1biotchychick January 10, 2012
Abbie's are generally nice. Semi-introverted, optimistic pessimists, hard-core. Like to talk about, but not limited to: Dinosaurs, Nymphos, Old Kitchen Cabinets, Jesus, The Outback Steakhouse, R.E.M.
Friend A: Abbie is a bitch to her mom.
Friend B: Sorta...but, she's generally nice!
by lippohippo December 31, 2010
A bitch; no-one likes Abbie as she is so far up her own ass at all times. She bullies and enjoys mocking anyone at any chance she can get. She wears makeup in the masses and her weave is terrible. A loud-mouth. A slut. An attention-seeker.
A: Ugh, did you hear that girl bitching in Geography yesterday?
B: Yeah, such an Abbie!
by AccioEH November 22, 2011

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