Abbey is a beautiful, spontaneous, creative girl. She is noted for her extreme intelligence. She is the life of the party and has a wonderful smile that could brighten any room. Abbey is trusting to a fault and always give people the benefit of the doubt. Abbey is the perfect balance of what a girl should be.
I wish I could be as smart as Abbey.

We need to hang out with Abbey.

I want to marry an Abbey.
by luckyduck24 April 10, 2011
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dynamite because all abbey's are the bomb.
damn im dynamite like abbey
by nicole120093 February 06, 2009
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A very cool girl, often in some trouble. Her feelings are obvious (you can tell by her facial expression) Often Abbeys have trouble forgiving and forgetting, yet they can definitely play it cool. Dark Hair, with Light Skin. Falls for a lot of jerks, then she is heartbroken. She is a great friend but make sure your on her good side, or she can make you miserable. She is noted for her extreme humor, wherever she is, you can find an Abbey Laughing. She is an amazing and loyal friend and she can keep any secret. She is also a very nice girl with a special power to make up laugh. :) if you are sad, you need an Abbey around you. She can make your day with her beautiful smile. Abbey is a super fun girl! All the boys want to date her, but she is afraid of getting hurt like once before.
Girl 1: Im so sad... ;(
Girl 2: OMG then I'll go get abbey! She will help you.

Guy 1: Wow I wish I had Abbey with me, she is so fun.

Guy 2: I know.. She is awesome.
by Girlwithname March 21, 2013
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A generally nice person who has a hard time with confrontation. She tends to be sweet and generous to a fault. Abbey's are normally beautiful people and love the Beatles. They also make great friends because they are so loving and loyal. They often do not share their problems with others and sometimes this can overwhelm them.
I wish I had an Abbey as my friend.
by Abbey & October 20, 2009
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a stunning small-town girl. She tends to make everyone laugh over the littlest things. She has the perfect eyes. Don't get me started over her smile. It's beautiful. Usually Abbeys are super skinny and tend to be kind of short. Abbeys are the party animals in the group. Abbeys are very loving and give good advice. If I were you, never let an Abbey go.
I wish I was as beautiful and playful as Abbey.
by Ashley Donovan August 25, 2011
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noun: A person with dry humnor that is extermely hilarious and enjoys movies such as Pee Wee's big adventure.
boy; Here comes abbey, she makes me giggle like a little school girl
by anonymous=) November 23, 2007
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A girl who is very short, beautiful, crazy and GAY.The kind of girl that gets stared at by everyone, and honked at thinking *WOW* obvioulsy because she's FAF. Everyone loves this bitch , might not be the sharpest of the lot but yeah she'll always be there for you. Never ever will this girl make you upset it's impossible for her . Abbey is the girl you need when your crying , she'll make you forget what or who your crying about. Gorgeous brown hair, tans amazingly , english though not to be confused with spanish or latina. Abbey falls for the wrong guy and rejects the good ones, . All the girls want to be her because of her amazing beauty yet she still calls herself ugly. This girl can make anyone giggle with just one word. , no idea how she does it. To be honest it's hard to be depressed with her around she's a sex goddess YOU NEED TO HAVE AN ABBEY BESTFRIEND OTHERWISE YOUR LIFE IS NOT COMPLETE.
girl: omg why is abbey so damn beautiful I wish I was her
boy: dammmnnn abbey looks fine
stranger: OMG who is she ?! i'm gonna stare at her awesomeness.
by rawr like a lion November 21, 2010
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