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Created and designed by Avril Lavigne, Abbey Dawn is the first clothing line by the canadian singer. Named after her nickname in highschool given by her friends and family, Abbey, Lavigne launched the line in July 2008 at Alhambra, California.
Abbey Dawn is something I would wear, and everyone can buy it because is very affoardable
Avril Lavigne about Abbey Dawn
by Bidz March 29, 2009
1. noun - Clothing line created and designed by singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne
2. verb - The act of wearing Abbey Dawn
1. Guess what?! I bought some Abbey Dawn today!
2. I'm going out tonight. "Are you going to Abbey Dawn?" I am DEFO going to Abbey Dawn.
by Abbey Dawn-er Anonymous July 31, 2009
Line of clothing designed by Avril Lavigne. Availible at Kohls. The ultimate choice for posers, who are just trying to be "punk", "skater" and/ or "cool". Its not original, and there is no reason to wear some crappy shirt with the brand all over it, especially if the brand will expose you as the wannabe you most likely are.
Britney-"OMG! did you, like, see Kaylena's shirt?"
Ashley-"yah, it was totally Abbey Dawn."
Britney-"why didnt she take us with her when she bought it? I couldve gotten one to match my new pink hi-tops and my blue highlights!"

Ashley-"oooh, i couldve, like, gotten one too, then we'd be triplets when we go see hannah montana live!!!"
by PrepButReal August 02, 2009

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