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A peanut-flavored taffy confection made by the Annabelle Candy Company. An old favorite by many, it recently (circa '90s) received cult status from a reference in the film Half Baked.
"Abba Zabba is a favorite of communists everywhere."
by chant_has_sars January 28, 2005
89 31
A stretchy white candy with a peanut-butter inside. Something only edible while high.
Abbazabba, you my only friend
by Jmi September 09, 2004
40 9
The best fucking taffy/candy bar ever made! It is a taffy with peanutbutter inside which makes it quite enjoyable. It is most liked while stoned out of your mind.
God damn I wish I had some Abba Zabba right now!
by Dante Smith October 25, 2006
28 15
stoner candy eaten by peopel who are very very very stoned
Shot son im hungry whip out and abba zabba bar
by Abba Zabba April 16, 2004
31 47
zap some girl's vagina with a car battery while singing "Mamma Mia"
that girl likes weird positions so i gave her an abba zabba
by Mrs. Puff September 15, 2010
11 30
Metaphorically or physically speaking; A woman with poop in her vagina.
Tierney was left with an Abba Zabba after pissing off everyone at the party.
by Boomtierneysheadshot September 28, 2009
3 32
an ejacualatory candy bar
its ejaculates when u eat the candy bar
by bALLSTEIN February 24, 2005
23 54