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Anyone or anything that can be referred to. It can be any part of speech.
Popularized by Abigael Lincoln's father (a parody of Bill Cosby) in the series "Codename: Kids Next Door". He is quoted as saying "Oh I love smores with the chocolate and marshmallows and oh you know what Ima talkin' bout abaubude."
Abaubude (noun): The man walked down the street with his abaubude.

Abaubude (pronoun): My grandmothers name is abaubude.

Abaubude (verb): Oh just look at the way he abaubudes, its quite astounding.

Abaubude (adverb): He was running abaubudedly.

Abaubude (conjunction): I went to the super-market to buy apples, grapes, abaubude oranges.

Abaubude (interjection): "Abaubude!" Said Jimmy when he stubbed his toe.
by JoePotato28 November 26, 2010
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