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This means the first ray of the sun. A person with this name has the qualities of being a leader they are intelligent and they observer everything very carefully. They are truly nice, kind and good in and out. People named Aarushi are said to be perfectionists at everything and want everything to be perfect. They have said to have a very competitive attitude.

Since the name mean first ray of the sunny Aarushi's have a sunny personality in them they are optimistic about everything and they always see the good in everyone. People named Aarushi are fun loving people and always enthusiastic. The name Aarushi goes to someone who is strong (not physically) meaning being able to hold in pain but still be smiling for others.
Random 1 - "hi can you please help me"
Aarushi - "aw of course"
Random 2 - look how kind Aarushi is.

Random 3_ 'Oh i cant do it!'
Aarushi _ "yes you can dont give up keep trying!"
Random 4_ looks thats Aarushi always helping
by Sonny_Sonshine November 01, 2011
Aarushi is an Arabic name, usually given to pretty Arab teenage girls signifying their beauty like a 'Ray of sunshine' and promising a prosperous, blessed life.
Guy: henceforth, I shall rename thou Aarushi
Aarushi: sweet! I'm good for life!
by CocoaSugar February 11, 2014
Someone who oozes attitude everywhere she goes.
Guy 1: Man look at her, so much attitude.
Guy 2: Yea, she's an Aarushi
by mundanefletcher July 06, 2016
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