a wierd kid that is HILARIOUS. likes to make fun of couples. is very dumb. has small penis
dont be like aaron
by j1r1mi11995 October 28, 2008
a chumodbelimicturdburger who will play for fun when he beats oscars gamer score
aaron cow
by angus munro August 12, 2008
A phyco alcholic very cute boy with a horrible temper. farts alot. Has trouble consuming alochol and then driving and getting pulled over. then having to ride a bike to college. His loving ex girlfriend took him everywhere. He will soon realize what he had was amazing but now shes gone!
Aaron is cute, but Jason is cuter.
by Amber:) September 19, 2008
makes me hurl. cause his name is herl.

he has genital warts and gonhorrea and all the STDs. he gives guys blow jobs that sucks. and he kills girls in their sleep.
omg aarons a creeper
by ghunnsah January 14, 2009
Aaron is the ugliest species known to men.
Aaron's are usually too skinny and afraid of girls. They pretend to like girls to fit in, but they really are cock fuckers.
Aaron's love cock, expecially hairy cock. Aaron's will date you then fuck a really ugly guy and then tell you about it.
Alysha: *sobs* My boyfriend just called me to tell me he fucked an ugly guy.
Cynthia: *laughs* Lemme guess. His name is Aaron?
by thecynthiaa August 14, 2008
The act of cockblocking one of your friends repeatedly.
Guy 1: Dude, did u get any last night?

Guy 2: No I didn't, some asshole decided to aaron me by calling me dangerous in bed
by BuleIndo August 05, 2007
a stupid ,ass man, bitch that has no balls.or dosent speak up like a punk, ass ,bitch
aaron sucks everyone off cant fuck a bitch cause he has no balls and for that hes a punk
by jenny carlson February 03, 2006

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