Aaron is an adjective for a man who will regardless of age always live with his mum. An Aaron will usually have a lot of pictues of his cat on his phone. Other than cats Aarons also generally have a penchant for small Asian woman and bukkake...they will never have the opportunity to experience the pleasure of either.
Aaron: Cat loving, Asian girl fantasising, Douche bagging Doucher!
by Andiandi81 September 24, 2009
A jerk who thinks everything happens because of him, cries to everyone about his problems, talks about himself 24/7, and is extremely hard headed. Aarons are also suicidal from time to time.
person #1: Man, that guy sure does whine a lot.
person #2: Yeah, he's such an Aaron.
by child of the tree July 18, 2009
The fucking cunt who likes to have sex with girls but hasn't convinced an actual girl to have sex with him yet. So mostly it's just with his bff who doesn't really even like him. Hes a mormon, cant cum, and cant keep it up. its ugly. He also googles how to make out. He likes to suck face, and his best friends dick on the side. He dumps girls over text and everyone hates him. Dick. He tried to kill himself, is possibly bipolar, is "in a gang and killed someone". Basically he's just a wholeeee lot of stupid. and he cant spell ment right, and believes a fake party was real.
Ms Campgnoli. Down Syndrome. Aaron. Super Herpes. Connor (also a douche)
by aaronisacunt January 07, 2010
A fag who will stab his friends in the back and also cries like a little bitch.
That bitch Aaron better not be around.
by N- Ignma August 21, 2009
the length of skin between a mans anus and his scrotum.
gay man 1 - my boyfriends Aaron is freakin huge and nasty!

homo man 2 - dude, huge Aarons are so nasty. thats why theyre always so small.
by harrowed March 15, 2009
an absolute real operation necessary; usually for a new face due to the growth of jelly like substance and several types fungus on it; in a shape not dissimilar to tan lines acquired on a skiing trip or excessive wearing of sunglasses in sunny weather.
In less common cases, it refers to other parts of the body, in literal and metaphorical senses, such as "grow taller", or "grow some balls".
Deary me, you need an aaron, you have no backbone.
by taneous February 24, 2009
a fugly dick sucker who eats cock for dinner and sucks at guitar hero and call of duty
chode or tuna can usually has a gay nickname like trashcan or something gay like that aaron
by ricky is fat June 18, 2009

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