an arron or hairless foot hobbit is a small creature who dwells in the forests lining bike trails and other remote walkways in kenosha wisconsin. most commonly known for their annoying, off putting personality this hobbit-esk animal loves to piss off its peers and push itself farther and farther into isolation. once you come in contact with an aaron legend says that it will slowly drive you to your breaking point. you can usually spot an aaron by their short physique and over all hilariousness.
im telling you i saw an aaron on the bike trail!!
by hobbit enthusiest December 14, 2010
noun: a person who masturbates and then proceeds to ejaculate on the communal couch in your suite's living room.

verb: to masturbate and then ejaculate on a shared couch without the consent of the other couch-owners.
1. Oh man, last night I got so hot I just Aaron'd. I couldn't help myself.

2. Dude, don't be an Aaron, that's disgusting. I'll tell everyone I know and they'll tell everyone they know and soon your reputation will be ruined.
by johnny_quest December 13, 2010
Slang for a "nice-nice-nice" person, generally male, and generally a bit broader in girth than most, but not so much that he would be called, "obese."
Aaron, you're a fat, nice, fat, fat, fat, nice, nice, nice, man with glasses, who's nice.
by Diggzigger October 01, 2010
A German Nazi Douche face who thinks hamsters are called werbals, he is so retarded that he thinks it is OK to rape babies while they sleep. If you see an Aaron playing chess, i suggest watching, because it will be the most exciteing chess game you will ever watch in your entire life!
Hitler was such an Aaron.
by Hobonattionn September 24, 2010
An Aaron is an attractive guy. Short-ish. Charming & sweet...or so you think at first. He's actually a man whore & player. He's had many girlfriends & multiple sex partners. He only has one thing on his mind & is very inconsiderate of other people's feelings. He may appear to be confident but is actually an insecure mess. He has many faces & can't be trusted. He does have the potential to be an absolutley amazing person...but he chooses not to be.
A - "I can't believe he cheated on me! Last week he told me he loved me but yesterday I found out he was banging another chic!"

B - "Oh, you must have been dating an Aaron. I'm sorry"
by truth telling girl February 28, 2010
master bating dick head most commonly described as a shit brain 2.a fag homo smallie with a dick small as my cats and hes gay 3. shit
aaron is a dick master fag gay homo with a smallie aka shit head
by bigdadyfat sacs April 05, 2010
Ugly Fish!!!!
Fish who is not good looking named Aaron
by Strawberry_Shortcake_83 March 28, 2010

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