Cycling term used when someone does something without thinking of the consequences.
I fell off my bike today when someone did an Aaron in front of me and cut me off.

I was out riding today, I almost did an Aaron when cornering, lucky I looked first.
by MortisLegion September 01, 2011
A sexy cunt, loved by everyone. a huge fucker and is one of the most wonderful names ever, he is so charming beautiful, most of the time words cant describe him. Evetyone loves him so much, he has a massive haart and a massive dick, He is gental person and a horny cunt.
aaron is a dickhead.
by KILLER CUNT. August 14, 2011
A person that regularly talks about cats, and has the power to make anything cool sound totally fucken gay if he says it. he also interupts other peoples conversations just so he can say a stupid ass joke that sucks dick. for more information on this person, type "ass carrot" in urban dictionary.
guy 1: did u hear mw3 is coming out tonight? Guy 2: yeah. im gonna go grab it tonight. i got it preordered. aaron: i dont like call of duty, i like portal, especially chapter 10 in the game, because it reminds me of my cat. guy 1: shut the fuck up, dick breath.
by tastytacofridaysinmyass November 07, 2011
Aaronnewmans are very deadly and greatly depressing things, They are attracted to "Scene chicks" with long multicolored hair, Brace faces, And major eyeliner wearers. (much like the appearance of a Aaronnewman. They love to bestow the "Wet blanket'' effect on people with there over dramatic acts and there angry vows of silence. Aaronnewmans favorite activity would have to be the art of breeding as a Aaronnewman is always looking for a new mate. One of a Aaronnewmans defense techniques would have to be the cry and wish for death maneuver were one cries and rights on there facebook posting Bring me the horizon lyrics that talk of dealt. All in all STAY CLEAR OF ALL POSSIBLE SIGHS OF AARONNEWMANS OR ELSE BE TURNED SCENE
KIM: Omg Trisha! Why is he staring at me and not saying a thing?
TRISHA: O dont worry hes a Aaronnewman.
KiM: O ok that exsplains everything.
by yourmom1026 May 11, 2011
Often known for being gay. Tries to talk to girls but is too shy most of the time. He is nice, smart, and usually musical talented.
That poor kid Aaron, he can't talk to that girl.
by Whit1234 January 22, 2012
epileptic octopus who is obsessed with noodles and chicken fry, and has a dog named baby peach muffins<3
who is that weird guy you always skype with?

oh, thats aaron. i love him(:
by aaronknows(: July 07, 2011
person who's parent were to lazy to turn the page in the baby book. A habitual wife beater who is afraid to hit a real man. A no child support paying loser
Amy's husband did not have his dinner waiting on the table when he got home so he pulled an Aaron
by Vanilla_sunshine December 07, 2011

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