Aaron is someone who calls you cute,adorable,beautiful, and hot when you think your not.He is sweet, caring,strong,loving,hot,and loves you for you. Aaron's usually fall in love with emily's because they are so adorable.Emily's have blue eyes that attracts attention of aaron's. Aaron's are special so treat them with love and respect.

Aaron is loyal,and he will always fight for you even if you don't want him too. Always keep aaron's near you.
Darin: who's he?
Emma: omg it is aaron notice me!
by PurpleFireFox May 20, 2016
Aarons have the worst luck. It could be in the name.
1. Did you hear Aaron got catfished?

-Yeah, it was all over Twitter.
by emmval September 24, 2013
Aaron is another name for an absolute Charlie.
Oh that guy is an absolute Aaron (Charlie).
by Kiki1234567 January 11, 2016
A total fuckwad. He calls the ladies cunts, even if she's his friend. He's pretty mush a pimpin' badass.
Maria: Aaron is a fuckwad!
Aaron: CUNT!
by BITCH NAWWW January 30, 2015
The most amazing boyfriend in the world. He is in love with Taylor Swift and knows each and every one of her songs. He is sweet, stuburn and an all around American boy. I love Aaron.
Stranger: Who's that hot guy over there?
Eileen: Him? Oh, that's my awesome boyfriend Aaron.
by AaronandEileen April 30, 2011
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