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THUG MONEY FOOL. this niggah right hur got no swagg. he needs lotion man, dis bitch's hand are like the sahara. he looks fresh with his hand me down sweatshirts with build in rims dawgg. he's got 3, SET FO LYFE. his basketball skills are pathetic. kid's got no talent. he got no set team, which evah 1 is winnin, thats who bernard is goin wit. AA battery is one emotional motherfucker. shit goes down when you mention his gay pride. lil wayne is his hero dawg he's obsessed with him, in a homosexual way. don't even get me started on his swaggarific walk. bugs bunny bernard.. tru g.
kid #1: yooo AAAAARON
aaron bernard: yo what up man.
kid #1: lets shoot some hoops.
aaron bernard: LegoooOOOoOooOOo0o0oo0o0o0o0o0o0o0 !
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