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The Aardvark of Silence is based on one of the Rorschach inkblot images and refers to any post made by a moderator on an internet forum which, while innocuous in content, is interpreted as insensitive, silencing, or mocking of a member or members.

The moderator has no idea when she has posted an Aardvark of Silence, because the Aardvark of Silence is a member's projection onto the hapless moderator her own inner fears and conflicts. There is no way to not post an Aardvark of Silence. The Aardvark of Silence is inevitable.

Member1: I'm feeling happy today.

Moderator: Yay!

Member2: WTF did you mean by that?

Moderator: Aardvark of Silence.
by Dawn Coyote June 17, 2008
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