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usually a younger sibling who likes to cheat at Scrabble and play on the iPad constantly. one who has brown hair and brown eyes, and a very energetic person. she is very moody if she is a teenager and very close-minded. she likes to think that the only way is her way, but she can also be extremely generous. she is a very social person and doesn't care what people think of her much. loves animals and hanging out with her friends. OBSESSED with yoga pants and headbands. doesn't mind watching disney channel or some cartoon movie because she likes to go with the flow
Girl: ugh i hate the fact that you time with ur friends, we're breaking up

Boy: Don't go all Aanya on me! is it that time of the month?

Girl: *cries* YES IT IS! i love you!!!
by xoxosummer1298 January 26, 2014
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