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The raddest fucking dude alive, even radder than Van Wilder; ate rotten meat on Ripley's Believe It or Not; bit into raw chicken on The Doctors; raw foodist of over 30 years based in Southern California; alternative health practitioner, iridolgist, health counselor, author of We Want To Live: The Primal Diet and The Recipe For Living Without Disease; has survived numerous attempts on his life due to the risk his information poses to the pharmaceutical and food industries.
Me: Hey, dude. Did you meet Chuck Norris's brother?

You: No, dude. Where is he?

Me: He's the raddest fucking dude alive over there in the corner eating the big jar of decades old, rainbow-colored rotten organ meat soup. His name's Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

You: Duuuuudee, that's Chuck Norris's brother!

Me: Damn right. sssstsmn.
by the coolest mofo yes I am April 08, 2011
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