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Sexy Norwegian ... who may or may not exist. He is a constant companion that you can always count on. He is on your computer late at night and is willing to do a bit of anything... but you have never met him...
{sexy} {alexander skarsgard} Aage
by cariejoan January 27, 2011
A tall, blonde, blue-eyed Norwegian man. He is sexy, irresistible, disarming, addicting, and frustrating. A great friend. A man with an increadible heart and sensational body. A source of sexual fantasy and dreams.

He keeps you company late at night and always leaves you wanting more. He invades your thoughts and has stolen a place in your heart. He is forgiving and understanding... but most importantly, he loves you unconditionally.

He is always so close... yet so far!
by cariejoan January 30, 2011