A retarded cousin of the word asian, peopel who use this word are generally half white and half asian and know about 3 words in their native language. they claim to being "azn till i die"
or say things like "AzN PrIdE DiS Is TRuE AzN". even though they have never even been to asia. this word is mostly encountered on the internet or on license plates in california.
AznBaby69foevah:DiS Is TRuE AzN!
jubajivin:go tell someone who cares you half breed hamburger.
by chris wilson (canadian) January 01, 2006
An Asian who plays DDR, drives a Honda, and pretends to be black. It is a sad situation, because Asians have so much potential.
That azn guy has spent more money on DDR and pimping his Honda than God knows what.
by Super Happy September 03, 2005
a young asian that loves bubble tea, taking ugly webcam pics, makes loud conversation for everyone to hear in public, pouts their lips or does the peace sign in a photo, dramatic, and types like a retard. they use symbols in typing such as: `, spacing after the last word and before the exclamation mark, and doubling random letters.
heyy manggggg` whassup ? OMFG !!! ii so fobiish !! im a fobbiish aznNn !
by shhgtrtrfhgy April 12, 2007
a short for for asian/chinamen. used by asians/chinamen who think they are cool when they really only have friends cause they are real easy to make fun of (tiny eye opening, tiny wangs etc. etc.)
Chang: Yo GuY aZn's PWn In THay HunDaS!
Al: Die chiney chinamen
by Al Denso May 29, 2005
a clearly superior race with roots in the center of Asia. The inventors of the wheelbarrow, paper, chopsticks, the umbrella, the kite, gunpowder, rockets, and the Chinese cloaking device.

Though there are myths and rumours of extreme psionic powers amongst asians, especially in China, this is not true. Many asians, however, do have psionic potential, which are dampened by the non-asian society currently infiltrating the world.

An example of this psionic potential would be Bruce Lee, who used his powers to perform martial arts moves to kick Chuck Norris's ass. Though he is not the only one, he is by far the most famous.
No examples are necessary for azn, as it is self-defining.
by Charles Jian July 27, 2006
Just so you're clear, the differences between Azn and Asian.

Azn = any Asian American or person of Asian origin that eat rice and can speak their "native" language.

Asian = any Asian American or person of Asian origin that eat only American and speak English only.
More Azns are starting to turn into mere Asians. Sad, really.
by Ho-Town June 23, 2005
We AZNS~ are the superior race u craka ass bitch go fuk ur moms huge kock u dumas piece of shyyyt We poon ur asses motha fuka go buy and smoke some weed u crackhead whyte boi -.- azns made anime such as naruto and hentai which is superior to regular american porno because the girls are well endowed... i bet you people dont even know what that means it means SEXY. wE tYpE iN aLtErNaTiNg cApS c?Uz wE'z cOOl lYkE tHat.

aZn (superior race) : Damn... you're pathetic.. Here's a hundred. I have fifteen more of those anyways. Go buy some marijuana and shove it up your ass stupid beaner.

Beaner in Mexico: Si senor. You are undoubtedly superior to me and my pathetic race along with the crackaz and niggaz.
by SUPERIOR AZN May 24, 2005
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