Another subgroup of being a minority. AZNs are hardcore to the max. They defy stereotypes of asians by being lazy and stupid.
by AdamDude January 18, 2004
Its just short for asian.
azn = asian

It has NOTHING to do with being better than any race or anything like that.
It is not a "group of people that think theyre all cool" or any stupid shit like that.
"Azns" having blonde hair doesn't mean their tryna be white, or talking ghetto doesn't mean theyre tryna talk black. "Azns" arent the only ones that talk ghetto and highlight their hair blonde, so whoever said this was embarassing to tha asian culture, you don't know shit, because jet black hair isn't a damn culture. We can be whatever we want to be.
#discriminating #shit talkers #fuckers #hate #homie
by ESH13 October 15, 2005
a person of asian decent (usually from california) who has an odd fixation ( that they take WAY too far) with their own race. ironically azn's know nothing about their heritage or culture, and when asked about it the main answer they give is that they invented technology=/
when in chat rooms asian's have unnessary reference's to their race such as: AZNista501, AzNgRl4LyFe, aznIam
#asian #asian girls #asian relationship #got rice #asia
by peoplesuck254 September 01, 2009
People who are from the country of Azerbaijan
Hey look, there is that girl on the wall who is carrying a Filipino flag with a shirt that says AZN. She must be from Azerbaijan.
#azerbaijan #phillipnies #muts #asia #cocky
by Paulisalwaysright December 08, 2008
Prounounced the same way "asian" is pronounced; internet shorthand for asian.
Poster 1: "dude lol wow, you're GF's hawt"
Poster 2: "Yeah, she's *aZn*"
#azn #asian #internet slang #l33t speak #internet speak
by WhoIsMikeS March 20, 2009
An asian with an identity crisis.
Hoshiro, I'm sad to report we've diagnosed you as being... ... azn. I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do.
by THE SHAWNER September 07, 2003
lazy man's way of typing asian =azn
yeah azn are hella cool

yeah it's an azn thing
by Joemama June 29, 2003
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