OnE WhO aNnOyS ThE HeLl OuTtA mE bY TyPiNg LiKe ThIs
AzN dude: I aM ReTaRdEd

Me: Yes I get out of my way coz your face is burning my eyes!
by License to kill (pigs) September 30, 2007
Another example of how horribly lazy the American culture has gotten. Not used exclusively by asian youths, yes even some of us "cRaCKer BiTCheS" sometimes use it. I am fortunate to have not come across someone who has used this word.
mE aNd MaI AZn HomEboIS GoT SoMe wIcE So wE Iz gOiNuH ChAo DaOn oN It.
by Josephmr June 20, 2005
A short way of the word Asian that nobody uses anymore.
Back in the days we would have ghetto Asian screen names like: AzNsHaWdY, AzNmiLkShAkEstA, aZnbaByGuH, LiLaZnKhMaISHaWdY, LiLaznChiiick, BabyAZNperSuAsIaN...i miss those days.
by FlyAway July 20, 2011
A short form for asian
Yea man azn pride
by a2n August 09, 2002
a person of asian decent (usually from california) who has an odd fixation ( that they take WAY too far) with their own race. ironically azn's know nothing about their heritage or culture, and when asked about it the main answer they give is that they invented technology=/
when in chat rooms asian's have unnessary reference's to their race such as: AZNista501, AzNgRl4LyFe, aznIam
by peoplesuck254 September 01, 2009
AZN is simply an acronym for the word Asian. It is used primarily by young people on the internet as a faster way of typing the word "Asian". Over time the definition or use of the acronym may have changed to describe a particular subculture of the Asian/Asian American culture, i.e. Asian kids with blond hair hanging out in arcades and driving rice rockets. The term however was and still is meant as a simple and self explanatory way of shortening the word Asian.
LOL there were hella azns at that party last night.

dude you act soooo AZN around your family
by Hiroshi San October 12, 2007
shortform for asian or asian pride, depending on how u use it....
azn 4 life = asian 4 life
by anonymous azn August 07, 2007

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