1) Short for the racial term, Asian
2) Used mostly by young Asian-Americans, most likely in their teens. However do not get this confused with "WANNABE GANGSTERS" because the term AZN isn't necessarily followed by the word PRIDE or PRYDE.
3) Made popular by a Internet rap song called "GOT RICE".
1)I'm AZN, how about you?
2) Is that kid driving a rice rocket? Must be Azn?
3) Look at that Wigger, AZN, and Beaner trying to act black by saying NIGGA. OOps sorry the Wigger can't say that word.
by ChaosBleeds September 02, 2007
"AZN" is just short spelling version of ASIAN. If we spell that words like that, doesn't really mean that we're acting GHETTO, as other people says.
When we spell 'that' to 'dat', or 'the' to 'da' doesn't always mean that we, ASIANS are stupid. We spell it like that because that's the way we want to spell it, not just how others' do. And some 'white' people here critizise us of how some ASIANS act like the Black race. The question is, do they see their own race (white people) when they act black? They wear them big-a$$ chains and act like an idiot, who looks like he/she doesn't really know what's going on around him/her, and acts like, they're better than the rest! Change of subject, others here talks about how ASIAN people likes to drive Hondas', Acuras', etc. Other races of people drive them cars too. So, how come we, ASIANS get all the crap about it? Just because the cars are actually made and came from Asia, does other people automatically have license to talk sh*t about the ASIAN race?
by JUstMe August 26, 2003
Ugly corruption of the adjective "Asian".
Used a lot in MMORPG in-game names for craptacular reasons.
Here we have a list of IGNs in MapleStory.

by StatenIslander November 21, 2007
An acronym for the word Asian.

AZN is so overused and therefore holds no value. Ironically it is still used as part of every day life by pathetic asians that think they are gangsters by parading around in their bleached hairs and loose clothing. Their day to day routine involves spending all their money playing DDR at arcades, then bumming outside Galaxy World on George Street when they have finished and are penniless.

"AZN" probably originated from that crap song "Azn Pryde" by some pathetic asian with no singing talent. Since then, dickhead asians have tried to follow in this no-talent's footsteps. Dye their hair, dress in loose clothing and fanaticise themself about the joy of listening to love songs and r&b (Songs sung by African Americans and have no relations with Asian whatsoever).

In conclusion, 'AZN' is pathetic. The repeated use of 'AZN' creates a bad stereotype for the real asians. Any asian who uses 'AZN' on a regular basis is just another dumbcunt trying to be a real asian.

A Real Asian - An educated human being with Asian ancestry.
An AZN Asian - A poorly educated individual living in a western country (Like Australia) and leeching on the achievements of a 'Real Asian'
Pathetic Asian: "AZN Pryde!!"
Me: "Fuck off loser! Because of you, I wish i was white!"
by Matthew U. October 05, 2005
Azn is another acronym for Asian. It's relation is usually related to young, mostly SouthEast Asian Americans, mainly from the hip hop generation.

In order to find their own identity, Azn youth often use upper and lower case letters in order to communicate in online-slang. While there are uneducated Azn out there acting up, there are those who are educated enough to identify Azn with their own pride and heritage.

Even though many of these youths are born in America and may not even speak their native tongue, using Azn slang to communicate is a way of finding their own identity in an American culture dominated by manstream music such as hip hop, rap, pop, and rock.

I have a nephew embedded in this culture. You would not be able to tell by the way he types on line that he is an A student who excel in sports. Having this Azn attitude is simply a way to push out the steam of realizing that you are born a minority and trying to find your own identity.
AzN PrIdE !!

GOt rICe BiaTCh.
by AznTV October 02, 2005
asians that use the term "azn" are mainly from california most of them dont bleach their hair like u think. Even if they do it is mainly brown that they choose. When you think they are trying to br black its because they hanged with them for to long so dont hate please. They dont spend their time playing DDR or tekken or such as u think even though they are good. They also have a lot of pride in their culture
White Guy: Trynna be white? dyeing yo hair blonde
azn or "asian" guy: Dude this brown u blind?
by SpreadingTheTruth March 16, 2009
A short way of the word Asian that nobody uses anymore.
Back in the days we would have ghetto Asian screen names like: AzNsHaWdY, AzNmiLkShAkEstA, aZnbaByGuH, LiLaZnKhMaISHaWdY, LiLaznChiiick, BabyAZNperSuAsIaN...i miss those days.
by FlyAway July 20, 2011

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