the niggers of the asian race

all races have these
black people have the original niggers
white people have wiggers
asian people have azns
azn guy: yo nigga, why u actin like you all white and shit. you white washed or somethin nigga?

asian guy: shut the fuck up. go back to school and learn how to speak, you make our race look bad.
by mr. goh July 22, 2006
Just, simply, another word for asian. A word that has nothing, at all, to do with your stereotype, personality, or anything of the sort. A word in which anyone/everyone uses, just as much as they use other shortened versions of things.

The word doesn't have much to do with the way you type, neither. It's just simply another way to write/type asian.

It has little to do with culture, although it is more than likely asians will use it (because they are azn/asian?), but it is no different than calling someone asian. It means the same thing -- and it DOES NOT make the person who they are.
I do, indeed, have pride in my country, but who doesn't? My hair is black, I never play games (I despise them), I go to school, and I know everything about my heritage just about. I live in the place one of my parents was born, and have visited the other. I do not embarrass my nation by calling myself azn -- everyone does it. I am not ghetto, not a nerd, not a wigger, not a prep, not a skater. I'm a hardcore chick and I am 100 percent AZN. :]
by Yumicakes January 05, 2006
1.Abbreviation of the word "asian"

2.Typically used by tryhard asians or non-asians, who put this
in front of their in-game names, usernames. Theses people
proclaim "asian pryde", use the grammar incorectly, as shown
in Example 1, Example 2 and Example 3.

3."Select" group of dumbasses who made that "Got Rice" song,
which basically says that black people, white people and
anyone who isn't "Azn", sucks ass.
Example 1

Azn: "i`m goin to plai intial d, wan come brOoO?"
Guy: "Umm, no."

Example 2
Azn: "zOmGz letZ gO aRcaDe!"
Guy: "Umm, no."

Example 3
Azn: "Hey stOp DisSin Azns?"
Guy: "Your not black, and that wasn't a question"
by AnnoyedBlackGuy July 11, 2006
An abbreviation of Asian. Used mainly by young Westerners of Asian descent.
Baby 53 doesn't know what she's talking about. She claims "azns" have A culture and A religion. Asia is a huge landmass with many different cultures and religions. I'm white and I know that. Maybe if she wasn't a dumb "azn" she'd know that too!
by Daniel Forde October 21, 2005
azn .. let me think. the whole 'AzN prYdE' thing, I think 99% of asians actaully go through the whole 'wE aRreE shOo coOl coZzZ wE aRre aZzzN'.

yes i am shamed to say I went through it. but it's a fact people get over it, like I have. people in australia, are going through and over the aZn pRyDe phrase yonger in their lives.

and btw I play DDR and sometimes use up all my money but it doesn't mean i'm an 'AzN prYdE wh0R3' or anything, it' a good game.

AND ONE MORE THING .. it ISNT cool to 'tYpE lYkE dHIisSs' its so old. so if you want to be 'cool' and act LIKE A FRICKEN asian, stop acting like a friggin 3 yr old kid. and plus .. typing the sticky caps wastes time .. time = money.
azn #1: wassuPp maH bROthErr ?
azn #2: noThinGg nIggUhh
azn #1: hOwsSzZZ yOurRr rIicEd uP caRr?
azn #2: sToP , niIigGuHh pUhhLeasEE
by December 24, 2005
A lazy (not to mention retarded) way of typing the word Asian. Usually, azns are crappy typers, and dress "gangsta" with their loud rap blasting from their cars.

Sure, having pride is your race is good, but calling other people names isn't.
aZnB01: yo man j00 cumin 2 da parta3???!!?!??
aZng4ngst4B01: yayayyayayayayyay!!1!1!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!1

sm3xy4ZNG1R1: ewwewewwww wut da fk u t4lk1n bout????????
aznpryd34lyfeee3: stfubiatsh!!!1!!!!!1one!!!11eleven!!!1!
by Disclaimed September 09, 2007
Slang word for asian, often used by younger internet-savvy generations.
1. Often stereotyped with TyPiNg LiKe ThIs, camera-whoring, and a belief that they are so 'gangsta'.

2. This is not true of all, however, and can just be a net-speak term for asian with no connections whatsoever.
1. Actual quote from an internet blog:

AzN PriDe

AzN PriDe iS iN mAh MiNd,

AzN bLoOd Is In MaH KiNd,

So StEp A SidE aNd LeT MeEh ThRoUgH,

cUz It'Z aLL bOuT dA aZn KrEw,

AzN LuV iS aLL aRoUnD,

fOr MaH FeLLoW AzN'z DaT NeVeR LEt MEeh DoWn,

So ShOw Ur PriDe N sAy It'S TrU,

cUz AzN bLoOd FLoWs ThRoUgH yOu!!!!!

2. On a chatroom:
Ciara: im irish. where r u from??
Chae: im azn.
by MCRmy Ninja October 09, 2007
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