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"AU" - the symbol for gold on the Periodical Table of Elements
A valuable metal with a yellowish color
by Thou-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named July 27, 2005
310 171
So you wanna know what it means, au?

The word 'Au' Originally comes from the Maori Languge (of New Zealand) meaning 'friend' or something similair.

It's used at the end of any/every scentance to round it off...usually used by "New Zealand Gangsta's"
WCC Member1:Where the fuck have you been, au!
WCC Member 2:I just been wit my missus- mind your own business, cunt. You got some cock to talk to me like that, au.
by Kiwi-Babe September 15, 2005
49 62
A poor attempt made by Ford to compete against the almighty Holden Commodore VT. Has many faults, and looks ugly. People still try to do them up, even though at the end of the day its still a shitty old AU Flawed Falcon and it still looks like sh it and runs like shit and drives like shit.
1. Last year i went out with a chick and she dumped me for this dipshit Indian and sent me home in an AU Flawed Falcon driven by an old fart who complained about his diabetes. Bitch.

2. My VT Commodore owns your piece of shit AU.
by Someone Else May 05, 2005
14 27
A very short surname that some people of Asian background have.
KC au loves Shizzy.......
by nibbleton May 02, 2005
20 33
The ugliest vehicle ever designed an produced in Australia. An absolute horror. Popular with bogans and shazzas. Not enough were destroyed in MI:2
What a bogan, look at him in the AU Falcon!
by james November 13, 2004
37 51
Au, the international word for peace. Said as one holds their left hand in front of their heart region, fingers extended and plam towards the body, and "sweeps" in down in front on them (only a simple wrist movement is required).
Hey dude. Au
by Poon-master Phoenix September 02, 2003
4 18
stands for "american university" located in washington d.c.
- also referred to as "gay jew" as there is a large homosexual as well as jewish population.
- a school that is too expensive and spends most of its money planting pretty flowers in the quad
- a good school
"I went to AU"
"Oh ok!"
by smart grrrl April 20, 2005
21 36
Also the abbreviation for Aurora University - The complete opposite of American University.
Lets go to AU tonight and get trashed!
by WordGenie April 15, 2004
7 22