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As pertaining to Dr. Sheldon Cooper's (primary character of The Big Bang Theory) tendency to think of himself as the comic book hero, The flash. This acronym is quite understandably extended out to be "As The Flash"
Meaning both that you are pretending to be and are considered to be The Flash.
Dr. Sheldon Cooper ATF (As The Flash)
by DRSHELDONCOOPERastheflash April 29, 2011
48 53
All Thingz Fresh a crew from Cleveland,Ohio and they can be found almost anywhere in Cleveland. Everyone in this group has something outrageous about their swagg and in order to join you need swagg.
Person1 oh my god did you here about ATF??
Person2 you mean All Thingz Fresh??
Person1 yeah I hear you need to be really swagged out to join.
by AllThingzYouNeedButCantAfford January 07, 2012
28 34
Attempt to fuck

When a fuck has gone wrong due to several different possibilities (i.e. whiskey dick, no condom etc.)
"You're usually DTF but it turns into a ATF."

"Yeah, she was DTF but we didn't have a condom and she didn't want to pull out so it turned into an ATF"
by DTF24/7 October 23, 2011
48 61
At The Fridge, meaning you are currently At The Fridge, probably putting down mountains of cheescake.
Bro, Im ATF and there are like 83 nattys in here, you ready to get shitfaced?

Hell yeah daw lemme order the hookers
by fatassfred August 29, 2011
19 32
Acronym for "About To Fuck". Similar to DTF (Down To Fuck)
Omg this chick is alll over me! im sooo ATF
by LightBrightMeTight March 11, 2011
35 48
ATF stands for alochol tobbaco and firearms agency, if you Have ever heard about that disaster in waco,Texas where that religous cult leader David koresh held up childern and his folowers in a bible school for a couple of days, and had a big shoot with automatic weapons with the ATF. The reason this whole situation went bad was that a ATF spy's cover was blown so david was ready for the ATF, and The buliding ended up burning to the ground. ATF sure fucked that one up.
hey did you hear about that shoot out with the ATF in texas a couple of years ago.
by gooooooooooo000gle bob September 30, 2006
76 128
ALASKIN THUNDER FUCK is a VERY VERY smoth but yet HIGHLY effective marijuana grown in alaska witch has extramly white hairs and very crystalized BUDS
I just smoked some bomb shit called ATF.
by ROB13 September 14, 2007
84 137