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1. A part of the government dealing with th control of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

2. An online gaming family, slowly making its way into every online game for the past 11 years.
*S* homos! Whos up for some humping?!
by Klae February 03, 2005
According To Facebook
Did you hear about Tom and Lilly? ATF, they're in a relationship.
by PabloHalverson November 26, 2010
The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Even they know these three things go together.
The ATF is soooo smart.
by UrbanDictionaryRocks12345 November 13, 2011
Are they fucking? - A game often played with friends in public while people watching...
(After glancing at another couple, you ask your friend) ATF?
by D,C,N,S Owens Lunch April 20, 2010
Ain't that fused.

Meaning I cannot be bothered or couldn't care less.
Do you think we should finish this job before leaving?

I'm ATF. Let's goto the pub!
by typeRtony February 06, 2014
ATF is a strain of cannabis (Alaskan Thunder Fuck)
Is a type of sativa.
(not just grown in Alaska)
One of the best strains I've tried.
wanna to take a rip of this ATF I picked up this morning?"
by Kenkaniff_213 March 25, 2016
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