Argive Reckoning, a Dominarian calendar that calculates from the birth of the brothers Urza and Mishra, or 0 AR.
Phyrexia invaded Dominaria in the year 4205 AR.
by Loot Niptil July 11, 2005
Antigone Rising
An amazingly talented all-female NYC area rock band started in 1996 gaining recent fame for being the first new artist realeased on Starbuck's Hear Music Series.
wiki: Antigone Rising
person 1: Hey you check out AR's show last weekend?
person 2: YEAH! I LOVES me some AR!
perosn 2: Each one of them is 10 kinds of hot ;P

by KiM_NJ April 30, 2006
Anal Rotting
That girl has a serious case of AR.
by Julingus May 14, 2004
The transitional phase between reality and multiple egos when drinking large quantities of Dew and taking crazy pills.
'I better not stay up too late tonight, I should--Elf! AR attackidy!'
by Julingus May 14, 2004
The solid state of Mountain Dew in its most lovable form.
I need to get my hands on some AR.
by Julingus May 14, 2004
An inflatable figure of your girlfriend.
Okay, who broke the AR!?
by Julingus May 14, 2004

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