A.R: Ass Rape. It's used in environments where profanity is not common.
Person: Wow this test is such an A.R!!
by H. Hassany October 30, 2006
Top Definition
Assult Rifle.
Commonly used to refer to the Armalite AR-15, which was later developed into the M-16. Chambered in .223 caliber, the rifle proves to be effective though somewhat ineffective. Today, a variety of manufacturers produce ARs in a variety of calibers.
"AR-15/M-16 Assult Rifle"
by .357ROB September 30, 2003
Alternate Reality - used in Fan Fiction for similar reality with different version of events, as where as AU Alternate Universe is different time & place
AR - Naruto becomes one with the demon & destroys everone instead of becoming the Hero

AU - Naruto lives in todays modern era and owns a restaurant
by GoodChaos March 14, 2010
25th U.S. state. Pronounced Ar-kan-saw. Part of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. Populous areas include Little Rock (capital), Fort Smith, and Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers Metro area. Abbreviation is commonly mistaken for Arizona (AZ).

Contrary to a common misconception, not all Arkansans (or Arkansawyers) are hicks. Natives, residents, and former residents include Billy Bob Thorton, Johnny Cash, Daniel Davis (Niles the Butler), John Daly, Bill Carr, John Grisham, Maya Angelou, Don Tyson, Sam Walton, Glen Campbell, Lefty Frizzell, Al Green, Levon Helm, Tracy Lawrence, Amy Lee, Ne-Yo, Conway Twitty, Hattie Caraway, Bill Clinton, Daisy Bates, and Bill Doolin.
Person 1: I'm going to college in Arkansas!
Person 2: WHAT?! They have schools there?!
Person 1: Yes, and they wear shoes too!
by Squirrel Bait April 13, 2008
Anti Roleplayer(s):
These players will deliberately go out of their way to ruin your immersion and experience, in game and out.

They do so by forum trolling signified roleplay posts, spamming /say and emotes (oh god /dance) during a roleplay session or other annoyances that distract from your roleplaying experience (Spamming various spells, and giving no ic (in character) responses when eyebrows are raised at their naked dancing).

Basically, the AR is the kid knocking over sand castles at the beach; they can't be bothered putting effort into building something up, so they'll feel better if they destroy someone else's work.
1. Blue: Vhy we going to stranglethorn again? You know Ih hate ze umidity!
Anti-RPer: omg.LOL

RPer: You know, just because you don't have the guts to put yourself out there and play the game how it's supposed to be played you don't have to ruin the fun for everyone else.
by Norsk gamer February 10, 2010
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