A subtile word that means a lot of things. Rumour says that an 'ap' is a individual of the divine creatures called 'aper' (see definition of 'aper').
Du är en ap, din ap.
Ät en korv (see 'korv'), din ap.
by ap January 15, 2003
The shortest word possible for stating "without a doubt"
person1: "are you going to eat tonight?"

person2: "ap"
by pipers September 11, 2011
magazine about music of the alternative genre. superior to all magazines.
Friend: Hey did you get your new issue of AP yet?
Friend 2: YES! its so awesome that Paramore was on it!
Friend: yeah, but the issue wasn't that good
Friend 2: word
by glamourkills_love October 16, 2009
Although "AP" is often mistakenly recognized as referring to "Advanced Placement" school courses, it may also refer to "Asian Power" when used in the context of all things genius.
You- "Holy Moses Urak! You got 102% on the calculus exam!"

Urak- "Its my AP bitch."
by >>>Kalvino>>> March 01, 2009
Ass play; anilingus; enjoying the gifts of erotic anal sensations; rim-job; may or may not include anal intercourse. Includes a partner's (female or male) fingers, mouth, and tongue around, on, or in the anus providing great pleasure to parties involved.
My wife's not into AP.
by senorbungholio January 11, 2008
A well rounded pupil
Teachers enjoy having aps in thier classes because they are far superior.
by balek November 20, 2007
anal penetration, as in a dingus going up a chick's pupe chute
(or, a dude's, not that there's anything wrong with that)
man, I never thought she'd go for AP, but holy damn crap I gave her AP!
by Rowdyhatinwalt November 10, 2007
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