The online paradise for pedophiles.
40 year old guy: I love AOL... love talking to the young boys. Or girls.. doesn't matter to me just as long as they're below 12.
by Kyle February 20, 2005
1. A crappy Internet program developed for use by people who have little or no knowledge about real browsers

2. Impatient people who don't want to understand how computers work or make any effort what-so-ever to learn, install this program for AOL's so-called "conveniences"
AOL Voice: "You've got mail!"
win 200 bucks
free car
free cd
by Greg W. October 07, 2003
most fucked up shit ever created! god wouldn't aprove of this shit!
internet co.
this shit sucks
by chreeza December 31, 2003
a super expensive internet system. it cheats you to saying that its great when you can get Netzero for $10 instead of AOL's $35.
Netzero $9.95, AOL $29.99 a month...
by alyssa December 12, 2003
Exclamation: resigned to complete failure.
It doesn't work. AOL
by Dave November 19, 2003
The choice of morons and sucm everywhare
i can't tie my own shoes but i can use aol
by Matthew December 12, 2003
The crappiest ISP in the universe. Mostly used by old folks, retarded kids, and others who are just too stupid to get a real ISP.
by Frogbutt November 30, 2004

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