A ISP for those who are too mentally deficient to fucking open Internet Explorer to browse, and instead must surrender its dignity to a company who can automatically load up a half-assed browser after connection. Technically your paying for more ads to be showed in your desktop, because every time you log in, popups flood the screen saying "Pay for AOL 9.0 PREMIUM for some RADICAL shit... DOGG!".

Half of those who attempted to use the signup system quit on their first try, and begin prank calling the AOL tech support.
Disgruntled illiterate user: You fucking asshole! I didn't pay you guys money just to not set up my service, ASSHOLE!

Tech support: Please calm down sir, please state your inquiry.

Disgruntled illiterate user: My inquiry is that your a moron!

Tech support: *hangs up phone*

Disgruntled illiterate user: Hello? Hello? FUCK DIS SHIAT!
by Chang Tan January 01, 2004
absolutely the most lame and useless form of "internet" around. Quite often, people on this isp get booted for no reason, and without warning.
"Oh oh, it's starting to rain know what that means,don't you? ....that's right, any second now A-O-HELL will boot me off..."
by Miss Boobs November 14, 2003
Welcome to Spyware Heaven. AOL is how you screw up your computer in 30 minutes. Just install AOL Instant Messenger and watch the bullshit begin. First you will recieve unwanted Audio ads which use up those MB space of yours. Second of all watch hackers steal your account and fuck you up. Third, AOL is full of spyware. You will never get full connectivity to the internet because AOL spyware is using 35% of it. It's the truth..
AOL was installing spyware (trojan.downloader) so I had to reformat. AOL sucks, I hope it dies! Woot!
by Superman22 April 23, 2005
gay service that it crap. Not worth money.
Service gives away 1000s of hours that are useless.
"AOL is Gay."
"Mommy, AOL Sucks the big one"
by Auntie Kweeph June 15, 2004
Assholes OnLine. This service sucks ass, and I am so glad that I do not have to use it as an ISP.
AOL sucks dick and enjoys screwing its customers over. It likes this a lot.
by The Kentucky Yankee November 30, 2004
Spyware/Virus filled CD which when you install will take over your computer and tease you with the aspect of getting the internet, to which when you finally get logged on, you will hear the following:

"You've Got MaiGoodbye"

Also a nice coaster or frisbee for your canine companion
horneyblonde69: hey baby! Wanna chat :)
Lonely40yrOlDhick: Hell yea! What do you want to talk about baby?
horneyblonde69: Whatever you want! Oh, my pants are starting to fall o


by matt black February 20, 2005
An Internet Service Provider, but also
referred to as a language by some people who use other forms of chat.

The AOL "language" consists of acronyms such as:

And screen names such as:
Practically anthing with 69 somewhere in it

And people who use AOL Instant Messenger have profiles such as:
kaytie ~ omg lmao sista u r da best
bffl lub ya

Here's a hint:
If we cared, we would ask. But we don't, so we don't need to see it in your profile.
cUtIeBlNd6986848: omg lol. u r so fun-e!!1
by robart July 16, 2004

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