An internet service provider, AOL is an acronym for Always OffLine. If you use AOL do not even think of playing any MMORPG's, you will quickly become hated by your guildmates for wipes caused by disconnections. Also don't try to download or watch videos as will lead to much hairloss whilst waiting for it to load at AOL's amazingly slow download speeds. Also don't even think of trying to check the news before work, you will be frustrated due to disconnects at every available opportunity and if you do proceed to finish reading the news will prob be fired for being 2 hrs late. All in all a pitiful excuse of an isp that i would not recommend to my worst enemy.
Possibly the best dial-up simulator on the UK broadband market
As there was nothing on tv and was late i decided to try and find something amusing on youtube, unfortunately AOL had other ideas.
by godmodeadin June 30, 2009
Aww Out Loud.

Used in cases of cuteness.
Anon: I saw Gina's new picture and her nose looked like a napkin!
Anon2: AOL!
by Rozzers September 25, 2007
awww out loud
aol that is sooooo cute!!
by whitetailang October 04, 2011
acronym for Atrophied Otter Lips. thin, dry, weak lips inappropriate for fellatio.

antonym: DSL, dick-sucking lips.
After my ex's crappy AOL, I was blown away by the DSL of the hottie I met at the bar last night.
by k9_mk5 February 03, 2011
The abbreviation for The Art of Living course in India led By H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar.
I just joined the AOL course.
by rc2696 October 21, 2009
Awh'd out loud
He told me that he loved me and I aol.
by Your_fav_nightmare! August 03, 2009
A beloved nation wide company that makes people smile every day with there manufacturing of Frisbees and coasters.

If you collect enough, you can make a fort, kill a midget, throw it to your friends, throw it at you enemy's, poop on it, destroy your computer with spam, blog it on urban dictionary and piss off a lawyer, rape it, put your drinks on it, waste earths resources, and give you the urge to blow up your computer from frustration.
Person 1: I just got my 2,000th aol disk!!!
Person 2: SWEET! Lets go kill some midgets!
Person 1: mmk
by 12qwazx January 21, 2011

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