aka A-Slow-L: A pathetic excuse for an ISP, most commonly associated with high blood pressure, moodswings and broken fingers from punching computer screens. You can sign on and then walk around the block three times before the Home page loads. Impossible to remove from computer. When coupled with a high speed modem, causes exciting freeze-ups and browser crashes.
* sign on AOL *

3:00 Welcome

* screen turns white, hard drive runs and runs and runs *

3:09 You've Goodbye
by EmanNeercs August 16, 2012
What my family thinks is a piece of gold but a piece of shit cuz you can't go on Google or yahoo owned sites. I can't check my fucking email on it or look some thing up on yahoo and google. It's a narcicist brat
"Dad can you unlock so I can check my email"
"Dad I need to get to the login page unlocked." Dad! I can't get to my inbox!" "Da-" just go on later I am tired of you whining! Go use one of your own browsers. God dammit" "But they aren't working. You know it takes exetremes to get me to use damn AOL" ( my interpertition of earlier conversation)
by 11jr11 July 19, 2011
arging out loud. mainly used in pirate mode.
Heather: mmm you suck.
Kimberly : those are my conditions arg!
Kimberly: lol dont hate appreciate the pirate bitches!
Heather haahha fucker! shut up hoe
Kimberly: lol
Kimberly : wait let me correct that a.o.l.!
by mebaloser June 22, 2009
A now defunct website for old people that don't know how to use a computer and hunt and peck when typing. They are susceptible to spyware and crashing their computer daily and have no idea what they are doing.
Hey I need to go to, I guess I'll go to AOL first to search for the website instead of typing in the address bar.
by morpheusoptic November 15, 2014
When something is so ridiculously cute, you can't help but to say "Aww", you "AOL". No connection to the beloved 90's website that hosted AIM in your preteen pizza-faced years, it simply means "Aww Out Loud". A new and cutting edge breed of LOL.
When you see pictures of fuzzy kittens or puppies on Facebook or see someone help a fragile Grandma cross the street with her groceries, you AOL.

"Hey Johnny, look at this albino seal pup that was abandoned on the shores of Russia because of its ginger fur"

Johnny: "AOL"
by CherieElise November 07, 2012
Aww Out Loud.

Used in cases of cuteness.
Anon: I saw Gina's new picture and her nose looked like a napkin!
Anon2: AOL!
by Rozzers September 25, 2007
a company that provides internet access too people for $24.00 a mmonth.
im going to get the over priced internet service, aol.
by evil lil shit May 26, 2006

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