This is the worst shit CD you can recive in a Cereal box and in your mail
Guy 1: Omfg i got a AOL CD, it says "190423991 free hour"
Guy 2: damn dude, again anotehr fuking AOL CD in your fuking cereal box? shit!
by AthlonZ April 30, 2007
an ISP. you still get barraged by ads, banners and adware even though you have to pay 30$ a month for the service. shows how stupid america is because they are the biggest ISP.
America: is earthlink good? i'm thinking about switching to it.
by Phil January 27, 2005
AOL (America Online)- Army Of Lamers
AOL is constantly extending the sphere of influence.
by cyberdreams July 24, 2010
The worst internet ISP ever. It gives 1000 hours of service to load up the home page.
by aol nerb May 27, 2009
A band that gives out free music on cd's in stores like target. Very nice except ive never gotten one of the cd's to play through my car on the way home...or in my player at home... hmmm.
Mom: Hey did you get aol's new cd?

Me: Yea it looks cool but i cant get it to play.

Mom: Yea none of my 56,000,000 do either...weird.

Me: Yea.
by Josh Howards February 05, 2008
Likes massive penis.


Assholes Online.
But not funny assholes. d00shes.
by Leiko October 06, 2004
AWWWWing out loud
'Tom proposed to Linda, on the Eiffel Tower AOL'
by Graceface February 09, 2013

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