An ISP that many new people to the internet use. (see Newbies or Noobs)also used by people who try to be cool. (see l337)but never the less a horrible slow and unreliable isp.
"d00d, i wanna nuke this aol ip. that n00b must be ghey"
by Hashimoto December 09, 2002
A waste of money, unless you enjoy having shit travel across your phone line onto your computer.
dude 1: whoa, man. There's shit on my computer screen!
dude 2: nah, that's AOL in all it's purest form
AOL lawyer: I'm going to throw a fist full of my turds at you!!!1
by AOL 2.2 December 19, 2007
Autocratic Oppressive Lurer
"My Boss is an AOL"

"AOL hides its true meaning, it isn't America On Line, its Autocratic Oppressive Lurer"
by Lyolya November 10, 2004
AOL = America Online

the slowest internet crap ever.
AOL sucks.
by Hello July 11, 2003
worst internet provider- EVER, despite cool icons n such..
also see.. ISP,crap, waste of space
AOL sucks.
AOL is crap.
AOL is too slow
by Mei Xian April 30, 2003
America Online, one of the most well-known Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with email, chat, and entertainment services, that became unpopular due to bad customer service and policies.
What is your ISP? Mine is AOL.
by jennieblue22 April 14, 2009
The greatest new thing around 199x to 2002 until everyone discovered DSL and Cable became cheaper. AOL dialup is extremely bad, I always got disconnected, the program is so cluttered, they are annoying, their antivirus stuff are annoying, the staff is annoying. I wanted to cancel my membership and wouldn't even let me, instead they ask me questions and then giving me another free month. I just want to freaking leave!
Me: Hi I would like to remove my account.
AOL Personnel: Was there something wrong with our service? We would be happy to provide you another free month of AOL.
Me: No, I just don't find the need to use it.
AOL Personnel: In fact we have many offers to give out for free. Our software helps protect your web browsing experience and your computer from unknown viruses and malware.
Me: I understand that, but I just don't want to use AOL anymore, I found something different.
AOL Personnel: Would you like us to join your new internet provider with our software? We are able to partner up with many internet providers.
Me: No, I would just like to leave, thank you.
AOL Personnel: Are you sure? Because--
Me: *Hangs up*
by Underwater Ruins July 10, 2008
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