AOL: So easy to hack. No wonder it's number 1!
Dear Member, America Online has been notified of a Terms of Service (TOS) violation ::edit:: blah blah blah ::edit:: On 05/04/05 02:24:34 IXI ***** IXI screen name violated the TOS in the ******* chat room. The following is an excerpt from the chat room discussion: IXI ***** IXI: I FUCKING HATE AOL!
by Jobeth May 25, 2005
An awful ISP that ruins everything it touches. Only douchebags and losers use it. AOL provides the worst service possible. I know somone that actually still uses AOL. He tries to commit suicide daily, but we always catch him in the act. Damn you AOL! Your shitty service is going to cost us an aquaintance!
Me: Man, you hear about Joe?

Steve: No, what happened?

Me: His AOL kicked him off for the fifth time this hour, so he slit his wrists. He'll be ok, but we've got to get him onto a more reliable service.

Steve: I've got some old Prodigy disks at home; will that work?

Me: Hmm... a 14 year old dead ISP provider vs AOL. Yeah, Prodigy wins.
by Hano-Bano February 28, 2008
1. The suckiest internet provider in the world. AOL will never give you highspeed internet, even you you paid them to (which you do.)

2. The most costly, yet slowest, internet provider on earth.
Example 1: AOL internet sucks my hairy, tick-infested, monkey balls.

Example 2: If AOL went any slower, it would being going backwards. (which I think, now, it actually is!)
by Howard Steintenbrooker October 02, 2006
Anarchy On Line

I had this for about a year, the worst year online of my life. Never get it, takes about 3 and a half hours to dial up and when u finally get online you get disconnected within about half a minute.

Also see

Jim:Hey bob I actually loaded MSN homepage up the other dayon AOL!
by DannyC October 17, 2005
a virus which poor assholes use because they are god damn idiots which have no life, also called AOS America on SHIT!!!
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
"WAS" a good concept for an ISP, but now a days it's not the best of choice.
Just Say no.....
by eXedy05 October 16, 2003
An ISP ruled by a "remote host" that kicks you off roughly every hour. The message boards are 95% ignorance, and the built-in AIM interface is STILL worst than AIM. At least the browser is beter than IE.
I am still paying $20 a month for 56K AOL.
by Chow September 20, 2003

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