When discussing what is wrong with the internet, this is where you begin.
Do yourself a favor and go download a real web browser like Oprah or Mozilla.
by Dash November 02, 2003
a haven for newbies whose vocabulary weapon of choice is lol!!!!11 and pedophiles. Hates cable modems with a passion because they see their phone bill kickbacks going down the drain.
Child molestors and kiddie porn collectors use AOL 'cause they don't know any better.
by Shawn E. April 15, 2003
Where all Elite H4x0r5's come to congregate and discuss plans of world domination through massive packet flodding through 56k modems ...
Welcome to AOL. You've got mail...I hope you didn't invest in this company...
by abtm February 22, 2003
Company that makes and gives out cheap frisbees. You receive them in the mail constantly, and as you realize when you look outside and see your neighbors tossing 'em around, so does everyone else.

Have a strange, vast -- possibly-infinite -- supply of frisbees. Some rumors have it that the company went out of business in the 1790s, or perhaps after the War of 1812, and ever since have been dishing out their frisbees wherever possible: at gas-stations, malls, theaters, and, most commonly, in your own mail-box.

A strange defect was quickly found in the frisbees: if laid atop one another for too long (aka, stacked -- their most common appearance), they become glued together over time. This is where one can easily convert said frisbees into make-shift coasters and lay their soft-drinks on.
"Hey Bob, I got twenty-three frisbees today!"

"Wow, that's almost close to the record of a hundred-and-seventy-five!"

"Yeah! Too bad half of them are stuck together, though."

"Wait, you don't know about the coaster-trick?"

"The coaster trick?"

"Yeah, you put the frisbees on your desk and then put your drink on 'em."

"Wow, I never knew that!"

"The more you know, huh."

"Hey, Bob... I'm having a BBQ tomorrow, and..."

"I'm sure the family would love to!"

"Great! I'll call you tomorrow!"


As you can see, AOL also brings the community together.
by cag March 24, 2007
1)Some big internet company in America that wants ur MONEY!!!!!!!
2)Some big internet company in America that keeps mailing u free discs to try their internet.
1.Damn i got another aol cd...hmm hey boy u wanna play frisbee?
2.Why the fuck am I getting aol cd's in Canada?
by joe March 27, 2005
America Online.

One of the largest and most popular internet service providers, simply owing to the advertising barrage they've committed to since the September That Never Ended started.

They have a reputation for having bad customer service, even worse users, and downright horrible connection lag on their dialup, complete with a proprietary bloatiferous client. Those that want off have a hard time getting off due to the fact that they won't forward your email.
From a commercial: "A friend of mine told me I should try America Online. 'Why?' I asked. 'I already have a computer!'"
by ke6isf September 09, 2004
A clunky ISP whose message boards and chat rooms are infested with the most loathsome, illiterate, ignorant, brain-damaged, psychotic, neanderthalic, arrogant, petulant, knuckle-dragging, degenerate, gutter-dwelling, putrid, grotesque, macho blowhard, bible-thumping, unbelievably racist protohumanoid filth that ever crawled out of a toilet bowl in a gas station men's room somewhere. The only reason I still have AOL is to continue my sociological studies of AOL's cancerous abominations that crawl out from under their rocks to post there. It's an internet hive for the absolute scum of American society.
My current theory is that every one of the Aint-It-Cool-News inbreds are AOL members; the shitheaded mentality is identical even down to the same style of illiteracy.
by Mr. Blond April 02, 2007
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