Abreviation for the internet service "America Online". Anyone that lives in the United States,Thousand Islands or Puerto Rico have options to use it. Currently,theres AOL Dial-Up,AOL Broadband,Road Runner and AOL DSL. AOL is also owned by the cable company "Time Warner Digital Cable".
AOL is an expensive ISP if you use broadband.
by GAME50 October 09, 2005
World's most popular ISP. Also world's easiest to hack ISP. And buggers up your PC if u ever try to uninstall it.

It's also a huge bulky peice of crap that eats RAM for breakfast (You have to open its own interface to connect).

Good thing is u can easily get free months & special offers by telling them u want to cancel ur account!
I use AOL coz im a n00b and I dont even know what IPS stands for and Connie only charges 60p a minute for oral sex.
by meepy August 03, 2005
One shitty internet provider, and actually charge MORE than a provider worth getting. They made 9.0 with "extra features" available, because they are so broke they have to do anything to make a buck.
AOL absolutely sucks.
by Psych Ward Employee January 03, 2005
The lamest ISP ever created, crashes all the time, and has the most annoying representive mascot thing, "Connie"

Yeah, damn right its a CONnie, also tend to send you discs every other week, which can be easily snapped and made into a mass murdering knife thing, therefore provoking violence.
Mum did not create AOL
by Cloud July 20, 2004
i know there are bear entrys about aol but i need 2 contribute to the downfall of the idoits which spawned this abonination and the people who use it-retards/teacher (why do i have a / inbetween?)
aol user
"lets use the email"
"i think i will reply to this email a few times to make sure it is sent, the cogs might be brocken in the computer machine"
"hurray, the aol has barred %99 of all websites, now only a swedish garding website picture is left"
"i think i want to come off the computer now, oh, the aol read my mind, technology eh, i think ill destroy the computer just to make sure though, dont want my melvin catching a computer virus"
"i wander if anyone else has a computer machine?"
"i think ill have some gay sex now"
"i think ill go to a protest about some country"
by ][D ][ ][\/][ ][D ][ ][\][ January 24, 2004
Army of Lamers
I was interested in using AOL, but then I talked to the Army of Lamers, disguised as customer service..
by Todd October 09, 2003
America Off Line, the only way Time-Warner was able to lose $98 Billion.
by PigGuy June 10, 2003
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