AOL: America Online - It's worth about as much as the twist ties that come with you 90 cent value pack of garbage bags.
AOL: Garbage
AOL: The sharp edge on a newley opened can lid.
AOL: The fish guts that have been on your door step since last august.
AOL: The bag of chips that take forever to open
AOL: Your uncles wooden LAG
AOL: An acronym often used in boot camps to make kids behave
Husband: "Hey Honey! A new AOL CD just came in the mail!"
Wife: "Does it have anthrax on it?"
Husband: "I Don't think so"
Wife: "Throw it in that big pile where our pool used to be with the rest of the minature frisbies"
by Sean Connery April 18, 2005
AOL stopped sending me thin circular flying objects. demo discs only last 1 flight, yet are fun.
AOL flys in the sky, and hits the ground. really hard.
by DigitalX September 09, 2003
The only internet company that tries to convince it's users that going faster is "dangerous"
I "go fast" and I've never gottan a virus. Suck on that, AOL.
Shittiest ISP ever. Their software completely fucks up your hard drive/operating system, and their internet service is very, very slow. Also, they LOVE to cram your mail box full of their crappy trial CDs (which can be used for coasters, so yes, they are good for something!)
AOL keeps giving me free coasters! WOOT!
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
An internet service provider that feeds off the weak and ill-informed.
Started in the early 1990s, this ISP grew exponentially with the birth of internet communication and commerce. Holding free-release patents to such technologies as instant messaging and spam filters, America Online, at the very least, is responsible for the internet as we see it today.
However, there is a dark side. AOL sports more popup adds and spam than you can shake a stick at and lacks any domestic technical support. Ironically, the only facilities AOL houses in the United States of America are Cancellation Call Centers and Subscription Ques. I would venture to guess that this is a tactic to lull potential customers and saved customers into a false sense of security.
Call centers for cancellation exist in Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, Florida, Utah, Toronto, and Virginia. If you care to visit one of these fine establishments, make sure to bring an armored tank or helicopter gunship because those Call Centers are guarded like Fort Knox.
by The Majestik Moose July 15, 2005
AOL is a virus, that, when installed into your computer takes over and renders it useless!
I got worthless AOL disc in the mail and installed into my computer. Now my computer is worth less than the AOL disc!
by P February 16, 2005
America online
A Crappy isp
by bob July 09, 2002

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